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ICG – Syria’s Kurds: A Struggle Within a Struggle

ICG – Flight of Icarus? The PYD’s Precarious Rise in Syria

Kobanê Recontructing Board – Reconstruct Kobanê(EN) (FR)


Syria Needs Analysis

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Adem Uzun – Living Freedom: The Evolution of the Kurdish Conflict in Turkey and the Efforts to Resolve it

Bunyamin Tamris – Report on human rights violations, torture and sexual abuse against jailed children in Pozanti M Type Juvenile Prison in Adana, Turkey 12/3/2014

GABB – Situation report on the humanitarian crisis in the Middle East

GABB – Refugee Crisis from Kobanê and Shengal 10/10/2014

GABB – Report on the figures and needs in the camps of people from Shengal and Kobanê 11/2014

ICG – Turkey: Ending the PKK Insurgency

ICG -Turkey: The PKK and a Kurdish Settlement

ICG – Turkey’s Kurdish Impasse: The View from Diyarbakır

ICG – Crying “Wolf”: Why Turkish Fears Need Not Block Kurdish Reform

ICG – The Rising Costs of Turkey’s Syrian Quagmire

ICG – Turkey and the PKK: Saving the Peace Process

Queens University Belfast – The Kurdish Question in Turkey

 GJ Blankers – Rapport situatie Koerdische vluchtelingen Zuidoost Turkije


ICG -War in Iraq: What’s next for the Kurds?

ICG – Iraq: Allaying Turkey’s Fears Over Kurdish Ambitions

ICG -Turkey and Iraqi Kurds: Conflict or Cooperation?

ICG – Iraq and the Kurds: Trouble Along the Trigger Line

ICG – Iraq and the Kurds: The High-Stakes Hydrocarbons Gambit

ICG – Arming Iraq’s Kurds: Fighting IS, Inviting Conflict