UPDATE: the conference is postponed because of the tragic events in Brussels

In cooperation with: knklogoKurdish Institute Brussels

Brussels, European Parliament, 23 March 2016

Interpretation available in English and Arabic


LogoFaylee Kurds, as their name indicates, are ethnic Kurds and part of the Kurdish nation. They have lived for millennia on both sides of the Iraq-Iran borders. In Iraq they now live mainly in the area stretching from Khanaqin in the north to al-Omara in the south. I Iran they live mainly in the provinces of Ilam and Kirmashan. Faylee Kurds live in large numbers in the capital cities of both countries and in other big cities. They number in the millions but no official statistics on their number are published in either country. Faylee Kurds are mainly Shia Muslim. However, there are Faylee Kurds of other faiths.

 IMPORTANT TECHNICAL INFORMATION“HOW TO PARTICIPATE AND ENTER THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT”An official “European Parliament personal badge / pass” will be provided to all participants to the Conference.

All participants must communicate by email on their participation to

[email protected]

1) Name and surname

2) Date of birth

3) Place and country of residence (if possible, the full address of residence)

4) Number of a valid document (ex: passport, national ID, etc…)

This information must be sent before 14th March 2016. Please note that NO ACCREDITATION will be accepted after this deadline, according to the rules established by the Security Department of the European Parliament.

Your “personal badge / pass” will be available at the main entrance of the European Parliament (Place de Luxembourg – main European Parliament’s building “Altiero Spinelli” – just after the sliding doors you’ll find a conference desk), during AND ONLY the following date 23 March 2016/ hours 13.00-13.30.

Please note that all participants must take care of their own “EP badge / pass” during both days; if someone lose the “pass / badge” it will be impossible for the conference’s organizers to replace it, according to the E.P. internal rules.

For any additional information, please contact the EUTCC conference’s secretariat:  [email protected]

Draft Program:

23 March 2016


OPENING SESSION 14.00 – 15.00


·         Ms. Zainab Murad Sahrab, Vice-Chair of KNK, Sweden

  • MEP Josef WEIDENHOLZER, MEP, Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament (S/D)
  • MEP, Marie-Christine VERGIAT, GUE/NGL (TBC)

 Documentary Film  …15 mints

SESSION I. 15.00 – 17.00



 Ms. Thana Bassam ,  MSc. pathology- Lecturer at poly technic university of Duhok
and Dr Diearry S. Mageed AL Faily or Ms. Shahla HEFID, Vice-Chair of KNK


  • Judge Asoo Sofi; the legal aspects of the genocide committed by the regime against Faylee KURDSDr. Akram Hawas; The Iraqi, regional and international political aspects of the Iraqi Faylee Kurds issue and the geopolitical dimensions of the forcible deportation of Faylee Kurds to Iran and forcible displacement within IraqDr. Kamal Ketuly; The documentation of the “more than 20000” forcibly disappeared detainee Faylee Kurd men, women, youth and children
  • Dr. Munira Dmid; The suffering of Feyli women during the forced deportationDr.Majeed R. Jafar The Baath leadership decision to forcibly deport hundreds of thousands Iraqi Faylee Kurds to Iran, stripping them of their Iraqi citizenship and documents, confiscating their movable and immovable property and detaining “more than 20000” of their children, youth, women and men
  • Dr. Samir Cheragwandi; The role of the Faylee Kurds in the Iraqi and Kurdish liberation movement and their active participation and support and participate in the movementQuestions and discussion with moderators & discussants

2 witnesses
1- Ms. Balqis Feylee, she will talk about what she has been through, like a feyli woman. Two of her brothers are trackless and she has been in prison eight months.
2- Mr. Abdulkareem Feylee, he will talk about Feyli Kurds situation after 2003, after Saddam’s regime in Baghdad.