Synopsis Omet
The screenwriter Yaro flees together with his wife Hale from Iraq to the Netherlands in the hope of making a movie about a boy called Temo. Temo, a ten year old boy had (in real life) survived a massacre in the desert of Iraq. Temo looks like Yaro’s missing small brother Miro. Yaro’s attempts, during twelve years, to make a film ended with no results. Finally he meets Els, a young employee of a film production company. He falls in love with her and his hope to realise his film grows, but he also gets a lot of problems with his wife. Beside these problems, they already had some like don’t having children. Hale doesn’t know that she can’t get children with Yaro. He knows about his handicap but doesn’t tell her. He even blames her for this. Hale tries to find out why she never gets pregnant. When she discovers the truth, that Yaro is cause of their childlessness, she takes revenge. The loneliness in their lives is a huge. They can’t live with each other but also not without each other. A bitter, poetical and humour full affair follows, shadowed by the ghosts of his dead father, Temo and his missing small brother Miro.
Credits Omet
A film by Ibo Kurdo
Produced by Selman Productions
Naiye Bara, Nadia Poeshmann, Ibrahim Selman
songs in Kurdish by Brader
The dialogs are in Dutch and Kurdish
The length is 88 minute 
An organisation of Passa Porta and Kurdish Institute of Brussels
Wednesday, 24th of september 2008 at 9pm
Passa Porta – A. Dansaertstraat 46 – 1000 Brussels
Free entrance – info: Het beschrijf: 02 223 68 32