Brussels, European Parliament, 12 April 2018


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Minority Empowerment: The Third International Conference on the Faylee Kurds at the European Parliament


The core theme for this conference is the challenge of how to empower the local community of Faylee Kurds alongside with other minorities to consolidate the historical course of peaceful coexistence under new conditions, ie, throughout self-governance and administration of their own political, economic and cultural affairs. As a background it is quite important to remind that the Faylee Kurds and their geographical territories have experienced many forms of despotic treatment under the modern state in Iraq like genocide, starvation and maldevelopment. These facts make the empowerment the issue of this conference. Faylee Kurds, as their name indicates, are ethnic Kurds and part of the Kurdish nation. They have lived for millennia on both sides of the Iraq-Iran borders. In Iraq, they now live mainly in the area stretching from Khanaqin in the north to al-Omara in the south. In Iran, they live mainly in the provinces of Ilam and Kirmashan. Faylee Kurds live in large numbers in the capital cities of both countries and in other big cities. They number in the millions but no official statistics on their number are published in either country. Faylee Kurds are mainly Shia Muslim. However, there are Faylee Kurds of other faiths.


Draft Program:


Room ASP 1G3 15.00-18.30 15.00 – 15.45


  • Professor Akram HAWAS, Chairman of the sessions:
  • Zainab MURAD SAHRAB, Executive Member of KNK, Sweden
  • MEP Bodil VALERO, Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance Session I 15.45 – 17.10 Conceptualization og the themes of “ minority“ and “empowerment“ in the context of the Faylee Kurds experience
  • Professor Saad El Din IBRAHIM, American University, Cairo
  • Professor Martin Von BRUINESSEN, University of Utrecht: “The Faylee Kurds in the Historic Sources and Academic Literatures”
  • Professor Thomas SCHMIDINGER: “The Situation of Faylee Kurds in Iraq After the Failed Attempt for Kurdish Independence in 2017”
  • Judge Alaa Jawad Hameed ALSAEDI, Chairman of Posses Claims: The Problematic of Minority in The Iraqi Legal System; The Faylee Kurds as. Case Study


Session II 17.10 – 18.15


Forms of Political Regulation/Management of the Marginalization: Voices From Within.

  • Muneer Sabri AL-HADDAD, Judge of Cassation: A Comparative View of Tow Era Legal Treatment of Faylee Kurds.
  • Dr Rabea Abbas Qasm SORMEERI, Human Rights Activist: The Politics of Exclusion and Marginalizing the Faylee Kurds in their Geographical Territories.
  • Dr Fadhil Abbas ALI, Iraqi Communist Party: Iraqi Left and Issue of Minority Rights; Focus on the Faylee Kurds
  • Maher Rashid HUSSEIN, Faylee Front: The Political Orgsnization of Minorities. Final Remarks and Declaration 18.15 – 18.30
  • Zainab Murad SAHRAB, Community of Faylee Kurds


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The Greens: European Free Alliance and Kongreya Neteweyî Ya Kurdistanê

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