ISISAn Iraqi official in Baghdad has claimed that hundreds of foreign fighters are currently fighting in Mosul in Northern Iraq.
The senior Iraqi official who spoke on condition of anonymity said that since the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) captured Mosul and other areas in Northern Iraq, a large number of foreign fighters have entered the city.
“About 500 foreign Militants have joined ISIS in Mosul and are fighting,” The Iraqi official told Iraqi local media.
He also revealed that the majority of the foreign fighters are from Chechnya as well as Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen.
The official also said that the foreign fighters has had a role in each battle in the area and were involved in the recent clashes between ISIS militants and Kurdish Peshmerga forces in Zumar and Kaskie in western Mosul close to the Syrian border.
Furthermore, the Iraqi official says ISIS uses foreign fighters in front lines to fight Peshmerga forces and Iraqi army.
Since June, ISIS has captured Mosul and most of the Sunni areas in north and central Iraq.
03.08.2014, BasNews, Baghdad