Saleh Muslim 22 11 2013It should by now be clear beyond doubt for spectators within the international community that there is indeed a struggle in the Middle-east carried out on one side by people that are demanding democracy, freedom and the right to a decent life and on the other side by people that wish to spread and cement a rule of tyranny and enslavement.

The Kurdish people and other components of the Kurdish community who are living together in Rojava has become a main target for these forces of tyranny. ISIS are threatening the very existence of our peoples, not to mention our holy places and our historical roots. We have recently seen this threat put into action with devastating effect in Mosul and in Nineveh. And now it is Shengals (Sincar) turn, a place which people have lived and expressed their religious beliefs throughout thousands of years.

This humanitarian tragedy is playing out openly for the entire world to see. We have witnessed the decapitation of human heads, murder, kidnapping and rape of innocent civilians, women as well as children. So far we have not seen any serious efforts from the international community to stop this tragedy neither by confronting the perpetrators of these horrific crimes or by assisting the victims who are fleeing their villages, towns and historical homes to escape this genocide.

We, of the self-rule administration areas of Rojava are trying to protect the lives and rights of the peoples which are under immediate danger by providing them with safe shelter and all possible aids both in their region and inside Rojava. We believe that with such actions we are defending human values and human beings of age old civilizations.

We are calling for the United Nations, the European Union, and all international humanitarian organizations that defend human rights to stand with us in our plight and to provide us with aids to enable us to sustain our existence and to avoid the genocide now taking place in Mesopotamia.

Officials of the self-rule administration of the Al Jazeera canton:

Mr. Ekram Hasso
Phone: +905 538 6195 775
Email: [email protected]

Mr. Egid Ibrahim (Kurdish Red Crescent)
Phone: +905 396 7273 2
Email: [email protected]

With regards and respect,
Saleh Muslim
Co-chair of the PYD
05 August 2014