Twenty thousands people arrived to Ankara at the very beginning of the morning, coming from country wide to attend the congress. Since the general congress was held under the shadow of the closure case brought against DTP by the Constitutional Court, on charges of becoming the so-called "focal point" of separatist politics; thousands of participants, national and international guests and friends supported DTP against this case.
The presidents of EMEP, SDP, ÖDP, the general secretaries of KESK and DISK unions, Ulla Jelpke, member of Germain parliament, Jurgen Clute, the member of National Board of Die Linke, Konstantinos Foutzopolous , member of Foreign Affairs Bureu of PASOK from Greece, Soren Sondergraad, MEP, Richard Howitt. MEP, Feleknas UCA, MEP, and many other representatives from embassies and different organisations were present at our congress.
The DTP was founded in 2005 as the latest one in a string of six pro-Kurdish parties formed over the last 16 years. Five of the DTP’s predecessors were closed down by the Turkish Constitutional Court on charges of fomenting separatism, respectively HEP, DEP, ÖZDEP, HADEP and DEHAP.
Mr Ahmet Türk was elected as the chair person of the party, where he was the only candidate running for the chair of the party; and Ms Emine Ayna was a candidate for co-chair of the party in a de facto way. The Political Parties Law in Turkey does not provide for the sharing of the leadership of a political party. However, there has been a broad compromise in mass media and democratic public eye about co-chairmanship model of DTP where as it is still banned legitimately in Turkey.
In his speech to the congress Türk discussed the Ergenekon case, explaining that the investigation is a historical opportunity for Turkey to confront its past. "The enlargement of the Ergenekon investigation will improve the standards of our democracy. Not only the Ergenekon on the western side of the Euphrates River, but also the one on the eastern side should be investigated, and a real ‘clean hands’ operation should be started."
Türk added that for the solution of the Kurdish problem first there must be the political will to silence the guns. "It will be an important step to make the legal regulations that will open the way returning to society and political life. Then cultural, social and political steps have to be taken," 
He also stressed the importance of the "umbrella party" and said that the country needs a new sprit and a new political movement as an alternative to the anti-democratic grassroots politics of Turkey."For a democratic republic, all the excluded, rejected and exploited segments should come together and become a major political power, Çati Parti, umbrella  party"
As a result, after our congress, we can say that we are more united, stronger and we have more clear objectives about Turkey’s democratisation process and peaceful solution of Kurdish question.
Best regards,
Fayik Yagizay
DTP Representative in Europe.