You know that, for a long time, we have been contemplating a working team to canalize any activities, campaigns, visits and so on concerning Rag?p Zarakolu’s arrestment from a single center in Turkey. In this connection, the Association of Turkish Publishers, the Writers’ Trade Union of Turkey and Turkey PEN have been negotiated.

As a result of these negotiations, we had a strong impression that these three non-governmental organizations will support all activities and do’s to be conducted for Zarakolu. Additionally, Muzaffer Erdo?du, a member of the Committee for Freedom of Thought, Association of Turkish Publishers and owner of Pencere Publishing House, declared his will to work in coordination together with us. The Human Rights Association declared their overt support in this context and Hulusi Zeybel from this Association proposed to collaborate in person with us. Finally, the Kad?köy Initiative for Freedom of Thought stated their overt support to our activities.

The committee which was set up with these three organizations’ support is composed of Ali Sait Çetino?lu, Attila Tuygan, Erol Özkoray, Hac? Orman, Sennur Baybu?a and Sinan Zarakolu. All communications, plannings and suggestions will be shared to the public through them and the foreign connections will be carried out by them.

The committee has the following program:

1- First of all, a delegation comprised of the representatives of these non-governmental organizations, the writers and journalists will visit Zarakolu in a shortest time. A step will be taken in this direction on Monday by Lawyer Sennur Baybu?a;

2- The notebook including the signatures and writings entered during TÜYAP Book Fair for the sake of support to Zarakolu will be immediately expanded and published as a book with the Writers’ Trade Union’s contribution.

3- Various writers will be invoked to write articles in the Zarakolu’s column of the newspaper;

4- Views and ideas will be bounced off with the delegations from abroad and announced to the media. The delegations from abroad will be provided with at least coordination services during their contacts and meetings.

5- Mainly, the best efforts will be made in order for Zarakolu not to be forgetten during his arrest, and the fact that his arrest is injustice and extralegal will be kept on emphasizing and proclaiming.

Contact: Sennur Baybuga
[email protected], Tel: 0090-532-337 54 20

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Ragip Zarakolu
2 N°’li F-Tipi Cezaevi

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