According to Firat News Agency, around the region of Mako the Iranian military forces have created a group of counter Guerrillas that dress themselves and introduce themselves as the actual Guerrillas of the PJAK. They have been known to wander around. This group is attacking people and forcing them to hand over money. In addition to those terrible crimes, these groups are spreading drugs amongst the people of the region.

These “guerillas” have also arrested 4 people and handed them over to the Iranian intelligence agency, which then they were accused of wanting to join the Guerrillas.

The name of one of the leaders of the counter Guerrilla group is Vatankhah, also another person named Malazem Safavi,who is an employee of the military forces in the region, lead this group of “guerillas.”

The Iranian Military forces in the regions of Iran and North of East Kurdistan and all the way to the regions of Mako are controlling the forces of Urmiye, they are creating groups of counter Guerrillas and with this they want to put fear into the Kurdish people and prevent the struggle for a free life. The PJAK has also given them serious warnings in the regions of Urmiye and the mountains of Shaho and Horaman (Hewraman).


Source: Firat News Agency
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