But unfortunately, the agreement was broken when the armed groups treacherously attacked the Kurdish districts in the city again. This forced the People Protection Units (YPG) to an armed response in order to defend their areas. Since then the battle has intensified and it has become very clear that the armed groups never intended to keep the deal. Furthermore we know for a fact that the attack was planned with major preparations, almost exclusively with Turkish aid and support.
While we condemn these terrorist acts and the breach of the previous agreement, we are asking the Syrian coalition, the Syrian opposition and the Free Syrian Army to clarify their standpoints concerning these armed groups who are deliberately dragging our region into a struggle between Kurds and opposition forces. This poses a real threat to the security and safety of the Kurdish people and jeopardizes the goals of the Syrian revolution. Thus, we are calling for an immediate withdrawal of the armed groups from Serê Kaniyê.
We appeal directly to the Syrian people, particularly to the Syrian revolutionary forces and the national opposition, to be aware of the events taking place in Serê Kaniyê (Ras-Al ain) and their implications. It is a deliberate attempt, by external forces, to disturb the national unity of Syria and to stir conflict among the different components of the Syrian fabric. This only serves the enemies of the great Syrian revolution!
We also emphasize that the Kurdish people will never give up defending their dignity and their liberties, whatever the sacrifices, whatever the costs. We will by all means necessary  support  our people in Serê Kaniyê who are defending their right to a decent life in freedom and peace. This city was, and still is, a symbol of harmonious coexistence, brotherhood, and  an expression of civil peace. This has been vividly reinforced as the sons and daughters of the city, from the various components of the syrian fabric, have jointly defended the peace and stability of the area. In this regard, we express our sincerest gratitude to the people’s protection units (YPG) and we salute their heroic struggle, in particular the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the protection of the city.
The Supreme Kurdish Council