ShengalSince Sunday when Islam State (IS) captured Sinjar the Yazidi-majority city from the Kurdish Peshmerga forces, about 200,000 people have fled the district.
Local residents and eyewitnesses told BasNews that most of the people fled to Sinjar Mountain, and others are fleeing to Dohuk in the Kurdistan Region. Those on the Mountain are in a dire situation without clean water or food.
According to eyewitnesses, since Sunday morning, about 8 children have died on the mountain.
Meanwhile, BasNews has learned IS militants have killed 88 Yazidis for not converting to Islam following the massacre of 30 Yazidis yesterday for the same reason.
Furthermore, residents say that scores of Yazidis have converted to Islam, in fear of being killed or their families facing the same punishment as other Yazidis.
According to the BasNews correspondent in Sinjar mobile connection has been cut in the town and mobile calls have not been connecting since Monday morning.
Khadir Domli, a Yazidi activist and journalist in Dohuk, has confirmed the reports of the massacre and kidnapped women and has called on urgent action to provide water and food to those taking refuge on Sinjar Mountain. He told BasNews that people that at least 8 people have died.
Furthermore, residents of the Giruzer district close to Sinjar, have told BasNews that since IS Militants came in to the area on Sunday, hundreds of women have been kidnapped by the militants and there are no details about the whereabouts of the women.
Furthermore, the UN representative in Iraq Nikolai Miladinov confirmed reports about 200,000 people fleeing Sinjar and warned of a ‘humanitarian tragedy’ in the area.
04.08.2014, BasNews, Sinjar