This letter is a call for releasement of the Kurdish lawyer, author and the human rights
activist and the representative of a prominent human right organization Muharrem Erbey.
Muharrem Erbey was jailed in December 2009 and has since then been hidden and placed in
the notorious prison of Diyarbakir. In December the 24th, Muharrem Erbey was arrested in
his home by Turkish policemen who assaulted his apartment in the middle of the night.
During the assault, the policemen went through his home, his belongings, and his car, the
office of the human right organization which he represents and also his office of work.
Twelve computers were confiscated along with many CDs, DVDs, books and documents that
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belonged to the human right organization. All the work he had been putting in the human
right organization as his participations in international conferences along with speeches in
the parliaments of Sweden, Belgium and Great Britain along with a speech in Geneva was
used by the prosecutor in the sentence against him.
His work of protecting the rights of the Kurdish children has been seen as a criminal act. As
things stand today 2300 Kurdish children are jailed in Turkish prisons with the motivation of
them being terrorists. Muharrem Erbey has because of his work of helping these children in
his work of fighting for human rights for the Kurds in Turkey been met with the power of the
Turkish judicial system.
Because of the sentences against Muharrem Erbey based on his lobbying and speeches in
the parliaments of countries in the European Union, it is vital for the European Union and
the United Nations to take action and responsibility of working for his freedom.
The sentences against Muharrem Erbey show that all human rights activists in Turkey and
Kurdistan works under the conditions of being in constant threat by the Turkish authorities.
Therefore is it important for international human rights organizations to higher their voices
against this injustice and to contribute in helping Muharrem Erbey to regain his freedom.
Our hopes and demands of you are a taking of a clear position on this issue and taking the
steps required to help the Kurdish freedom rights activist Muharrem Erbey. As a human
rights watch with focus on issues of the Kurdish people, are we ready to inform you and to
Kurdocide Watch-CHAK
A report by: Gabar Çiyan,Vice Chairman