Achterflap DK 90 - Koerdistan Cultuurweek

Friday (23/9):

  • 9-12h: Flemish Parliament, international conference about the right to education in the mother language for Kurds (Erasmus+ project of the Kurdish Institute) – Register with name + date of birth via [email protected]
  • 15-16h Traditional Kurdish wedding procession
  • 16-17h: Concert Khan Brothers
  • 17-17h30: ‘fashion show’ of 20 traditional Kurdish dresses (10 for men, 10 for women), brought from different municipalities in Bakûr. In the next days, these clothes can be tried by participants in a separate tent.
  • 30-18.30 Concert Ali Ciwan & Sultan Kotluk
  • 19h Vernissage expo Aurore Belot (photographer) and Djamila Gassoian (painter) at GC Ten Noey
  • 21h30 film at Cinéma Aventure: Memories on stone (Shawkat Amin)


Saturday (24/9):

  • 11h-12h: book presentation at Kurdish tent – De Koerden, het grootste volk op aarde zonder eigen land (Hugo Van Rompaey)
  • 12-13h: Theater group (Street performance by Kurdish and French artists about the situation in the Kurdish region in Turkey) – La compagnie Bien A Vous – Armanç Kerboranî, Le titre : “Poétique de l’hommage aux martyrs’’
  • 13-14h: dance course by Petra, traditional Kurdish dancing
  • 14h-15h30: Concert Jaune Toujours
  • 16h-17h: Concert – Musique et traditions des Andes (Kawari asbl) (Bolivian group)
  • 17u-17u30 folklore (traditional Kurdish dancing)
  • 17u30-18u30 Concert Swingzapoppin, world music
  • 19u-20u30 Concert Lawje
  • 21h30: film at Cinéma Aventure, Come to my voice (Huseyin Karabey)


Sunday (25/9):

  • 10-12h: Workshop for children by Ateliers du Soleil asbl – Kobanê : Reconstruction of a city destroyed by war by children’s drawings
  • 12h-13h: book presentation at Kurdish tent (Solidarity Committee of Rojava, Bart Peeters – Democratisch federalisme, een alternatief voor het kapitalistische wereldsysteem)
  • 13-14: folklore (traditional Kurdish dancing)
  • 14-15h: dance course by Petra, traditional Kurdish dancing
  • 15-16.30h: Dengbêj, traditional Kurdish storytelling
  • 17-18h: Concert Mustafa Aydin, Feyzi Evînî
  • 18h30 – 19h30 : Concert Assyrian folklore group