Dear Kurdish Friends,

Together with the Kurdish people of Iran we commemorate today the tragic events in Vienna 20 years ago. On the 13th of July 1989, there was a cowardly attempted murder upon dr. Ebdelrehman Qasimlo, the General-Secretary of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran. Also his assistant and an adviser were killed with him in the room where took place the negotiation between this Kurdish delegation and the Persian authorities from Teheran about a status of autonomy for the Kurdish population of Iran.

Today I want to honour the memory of dr. Ebdelrehman Qasimlo. He was a leader who

tried to realize autonomy for the Kurdish people in Iran by a peaceful dialogue. He strived for an autonomic and democratic society: separation of Church and State, gender equality, free trade economy and self-government. His slogan was: democracy for Iran, autonomy for Kurdistan.

The criminals for the massacre on the 13th of July 1989 were never found. By recent confessions it seems that the actual regime of Iran should be an accomplice to the massacre. On this special day I want to join your petition to re-open this dossier.