The Kobanê Canton Democratic Autonomous Administration Legislative Assembly met today at 9 am in the Kobanê Culture and Art Centre and declared autonomy.

The assembly meeting began with a minute’s silence for those who have lost their lives in the Kurdish Freedom struggle and was followed by speeches by Legislative Assembly

Co-chairs Nihad Ehmed and Fewziye Ehmed. These speeches were followed by Kobanê Canton Legislative Assembly President Enwer Mislim announcing the names of ministers.

The ministers then went to the podium one by one and were accepted by the assembly.

The legislative assembly president, two deputies and 22 ministers then took the oath.

The legislative assembly president, Enwer Mislim, spoke, giving a list of political parties, organisations and individuals involved in the assembly.

There are now expected to be celebrations in the Kobanê Canton.

On 29 January the third canton in West Kurdistan, Afrin, will declare a democratic autonomous administration.

On 26 January the Afrin Canton Democratic Autonomous Administration Legislative Assembly held a meeting at which the Assembly Co-chairs and a 3-person council of state were elected. Hêvi İbrahim was elected as  Legislative Assembly President to establish the executive assembly of the Afrin Canton, which will consist of 101 members.

Cizîre Canton declared a democratic autonomous administration on 21 January 2014. The Cizîre Canton has three official languages, a president and 22 ministers. This canton has an assembly of 101 members. All three cantons have to hold general elections within 4 months to renew the assemblies.
ANF – KOBANÊ 27.01.2014