Dear sir,
Today in Turkey, because of the TMK (Terörle Mücadele Kanunu / Law to Fight Terror) of 1991, thousands of childeren are interrogated, judged, sentenced, and imprisoned as if they were “adults”.
These Children, whom we call the Child Victims of TMK are unable to get pedagogic support and cannot go on with their education
Some of these children stay in the same wards with adults, visits by families are precluded, and even the sports/game permits given every fortnight are cancelled.
Turkey has signed the United States Convention on the Rights of the Child 19 years ago. But with the new TMK, this is ignored.
In Turkey, like in all the world, there is the Child Protection Act that accepts the description of “there are no guilty children”, “there are children pushed to crime” and that forsees that “punishment” is the last sanction to be applied to a child. But the new TMK ignores this law also, to take action against and treat children of 12-18 as if they were not children. The situation of children of 15-18 is especially perilous.
As civil servants like police officers, soldiers. District Attorneys, wardens, etc. who are trained in accordance with the Child Protection Act are very few in number, Child Victims of TMK are held subject to corporeal and incorporeal torture, bad treatment and are even killed while taken under custody, in interrogation, in prison.
The images of the 15-year-old whose arm was broken in 2008 in the city Hakkari by a cop and who was then arrested from “resisting a civil servant” are horrible.
Turkey is the only country that has declared a Children’s Festivaty as an official “bairam” on April 23rd, but the images of the 14-year-old S.T. whose head is subject to the buttstrokes of an official of the special team on the 2009 Children’s Festivity, as the most disgraceful black-comedy of the world, are horrible.
In the same April 23rd operation there is also the 14-year-old Abdülsamet Erip, who fell in the stream while running away from the police and died. We don’t keep his name a secret, because “dead children” abide by their names, there’s no more any extra harm that we can cause them.
A day later, 7-year-old Maziye Aslan crushed to death under a police panzer in the city of Van. On April 27th, this time in the Cizre town of the city of Şırnak, the 10-year-old Ş.B. was critically wounded with a gaz bomb thrown on the head.
The number of children that have lost their lives through police and military violence in Turkey ever since 1991 is 328. Among them are babies who were not even given a name.
In Turkey, every day new children are added to the Child Victims of TMK.
Whatever the races, religions, nations, classes, ideologies of their parents, whatever their own gender, children are only that, CHILDREN.
All the children in the world have the right to live like children, to be treated like children. They should have this right.
We are calling to your attention and help.
Support the Child Victims of TMK in Turkey.
Invite the state of Turkey to free these children immediately, to present them rehabilitation services after they are set free and to quickly make the necessary legal regulations so that from now on other children do not come across similar violations of children’s rights.
There’s something everyone can do for children.
Mehmet Atak
by the name of Çocuklar İçin Adalet Çağırıcıları (Callers of Justice for Children)
When the children between the ages of fifteen to eighteen are allegedas, accused of or recognised as having infringed the Law on Struggle Against Terrorism (hereinafter referred to as “ LSAT”), they are subject to the same rules as the adults in respect of the detention, arrest, place of jurisdiction, proceedings, nature of punishmetn and execution of punishment.
When the children between the ages of twelve to fifteen are alleged as, accused of or recognized as having infringed the LSAT, they are subjected to protective orders with regard detention, arrest, place of jurisdiction, proceedings, arrest of judgement, suspension of sentence, converson to imprisonment and other options, and yet these children are still subjected to the rules applied to the adults with regard to the punishment.  
As a result, when children between the ages of twelve to eighteen are alleged as, accused of or recognized as having infringed the LSAT , the fact that they are children is ignored partially for those between the ages of twelve to fifteen and completely for those between the ages of fifteen to eighteen.
This very problem is a threat to any and all children living in Turkey regardless of the place they live, the language the speak, the religion they believe and the ethnical identity they beolng to. Before all, this is a very important junevile issue. On the other hand, it grew larger in some aspects upon amendment of the LSAT in 2006, but in the heart of it, this is a problem that emerged approximately twenty years ago when LSAT was accepted.
In the respect of the children victims of LSAT, the principles are mostly breached b the legislative dispositions as well as their application. Although the following regulations wpuld originally be implemented for adults, it is especially and explicitly mentioned in respective provisions that they are also applicable for children. The major problems of children who suffer from LSAT are referred below:
A) Problems for Children between the Ages of 15 to 18
The investigation is conducted not by the child’s department prosecutors but by the specially authorized prosecutors, who are responsible for investigation process under the Law on Struggle Against Terrorism.

Although the testimony of children should be taken by the child’s department prosecutors in person, for investigations within the scope of , the testimony of children is sometimes taken by the police.

While the testimony of children is taken, the possibility of taking it under auspices of an almoner is not applied.

The detention period of twenty four hours is applied for forty eight (48) hours for children as well. This period can increase up to five (5) days for collective crime allegations.

If the intended purpose of the investigation is likely to be risked, a relative of the child in detention is notified only upon order of the public prosecutor. However, for judicial crimes, a relative or another person determined by the concerned person in detention can be notified, again, upon order of the public prosecutor.

Accordingly, provided that the child, arrested or in detention, has no possibility to reach his/her relative  during the detention period, in this case preventing the child from notifying another person leads to the fact that the child stays in detention with further notice to anyone.

While taking the testimony of a child, only one lawyer is permitted to be present without a power of attorney. However, for judicial crimes, three lawyers are permitted to be present without a power of attorney.

Upon demand of the public prosecutor and order of the judge, the right of the child in detention to see his/her lawyer can be restricted to twenty four hours. No testimony is taken during that time. However, no such restriction applies to the judicial crimes.

Maximum period of arrest in high criminal courts that is provided in law is not applied to the children who are judged within the scope of LSAT. Maximum period of arrest, which could be at most three years in compulsory cases, will not apply to the children until the end of 2010. However, since 2011, the same period will apply as double to the children who are judged within the scope of LSAT.

Provided that the lawsuit is brought to the court within a two-year period of time till the end of 2010, the state of being arrested maximum for two years during the investigation process will also apply to the children. On condition that the lawsuit still continues following the two-year arrest, it will be possible to extend the period of arrest with no specific upper limit for children who are judged for crimes that require imprisonment above seven years.

Because the possibility of the adjourn of explanation of the sentence, which is only applicable to the crimes requiring a punishment of two years at most, and which means that the sentence bears no legal consequences, is forbidden, it cannot apply to children.

Because deferment, which is only applicable to the children who commit crimes requiring three years at most, is forbidden, it cannot apply to the children who are judged within the scope of LSAT, either.

Because conversion to judicial fine or other optional sanctions, which are only applicable to the crimes requiring at most one year, is forbidden, it cannot apply to the children, either.
B) Problems for Children between the Ages of 12 to 18
The punishment of children who are judged for the crimes within the scope of LSAT can be increased as half in any case. However, the punishment inflicted following such an increase is reduced depending on the age of the child in question. However, no increase depending on the nature of the crime should apply to children who are punished. The punishment inflicted on children should only be subjected to a reduction depending on his/her age.

The applicable provisions of conditional release in case of adjourn of two third of the punishment inflicted for judicial crimes are made depended on the condition of adjourn of three fourths for children who are punished within the scope of LSAT.

There is no obstacle for gross disciplinary sanctions applicable to the enforcement of crimes within the scope of LSAT as well as the solitary confinement to become applicable to children as well.
In order to resolve these problems regarding the children legally;
1.      A clean arrangement should be done indicating that Article 5 of the LSAT that increases the punishment,
2.      As well as Article 17 regarding the investigations and enforcement of punishments cannot apply to children.
3.      The provisions specified in Article 9 of the same law that leads children who are between the ages of 15 to 18 to be judged at high criminal court with special authority should be abolished.
4.      Again, the prohibition of adjourn of explanation of the sentence, which is provided for children between the ages of 15 to 18, and of optional sanctions as specified in Article 13 should be abolished.
5.      Another important point is that an arrangement should be done indicating that the provision 7/2-a of LSAT, which enables the individuals who attend the demonstrations that end up with an illegal organization propaganda are punished as if the individuals who make propaganda for illegal organizations because they cover their face partially or entirely, cannot apply to children. In other words, children who attend demonstrations and cover his/her face either in part or in full should not be inflicted with a separate punishment due to such an! action.
6.      Finally, a clear provision should be added to LSAT indicating that the Child Welfare Law should apply, without exception, to the children who are impeached within the scope of LSAT.
Turkish Law System recognizes the basic principles of Child Welfare Law. There are clear provisions in the Constitutional Law in this regard. The UN Convention on the Rights of Children was accepted and executed, plus quite detailed and protective arrangements were made with the Child Welfare Law, thus the legal basis for an advanced system of child welfare has been established. Juvenile Courts, Police Departments for Children were founded, thus structural initiatives were taken. There are available Children Departments that employ an almoner continuously. The criteria considering children’s psychology in selecting children’s judge, prosecutor and law-enforcement officer are implemented. All these components strongly underline the inclination of Turkish Law System to adapt the child welfare law thoroughly with al! l aspects and to establish it structurally. Therefore, differing practices of the system regarding the children who suffer from LSAT is definitely a deviation. And this deviation should be eliminated.

A. Hicri İgören,  A. Teyfur Erdoğdu, Abbas Özpınar, Abdullah Demir, Abdullah Nefes, Abdullah Sezer, Abdullah Yeterge, Abdullah Yürektürk, Abdülmecit Tarhan, Abdülselam Adak, Abdulselam Duran, Abdurrahman Avşar, Abdurrahman Aytekin, Abdurrahman Yel, Açelya Akkoyun, Adar Çetin, Adnan Acar, Adnan Bostancıoğlu, Adnan Çobanoğlu, Adnan Demirkan, Adnan Eryılmaz, Adnan Gerger, Adnan Hasan Fişenk, Adnan Özyalçıner, Adnan Sapçı, Adnan Tonguç, Ağca Özyıldırım, Ahmet Alagöz, Ahmet Aslan, Ahmet Bilgiç, Ahmet Cemal, Ahmet Çakaloz, Ahmet Emre Çelik, Ahmet Hamdi Ayan, Ahmet İnam, Ahmet İnsel, Ahmet Kardam, Ahmet Köktürk, Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan, Ahmet Tellioğlu, Ahmet Tüzün, Ahmet Ümit, Ahmet Varol, Ahsen Erdoğan,  Ahu Parlar,  Akın Atauz, Akif Karapınar, Akif Kurtuluş, Alaadin Dinçer, Alaatin ! Taş, Alaettin Çakar, Albeniz Tuğçe Ezme, Alev Tanyu, Algın Saydar, Ali Akay, Ali Altınkanat, Ali Barış Kurt, Ali Bulaç, Ali Erol, Ali Haydar Demirci, Ali K. Saysel, Ali Kerim Mutlu, Ali Kiremitçi, Ali Kocatepe, Ali Mirza, Ali Nesin, Ali Öz, Ali Paşaoğlu, Ali Poyrazoğlu, Ali Rıza Üleç, Ali Sönmez, Ali Tarık Hatipoğlu, Ali Turalı, Ali Uysal, Ali Ziya Çamur, Alican Yücesoy, Alin Taşçıyan, Aliraşit Karakılıç, Alişan Akpınar, Alper Akyüz, Alper Altuğ, Alper Ecer, Alper Görmüş, Amberin Zaman, Andrew Gardner, Anıl Öztürk, Anna Petunia, Anto Çakır, Aras Mildaoğlu, Arda Mildaoğlu, Arif Akaya, Arif Ali Cangı, Arif Damar, Arife Köse, Arin Manca, Aris Nalcı, Arjin Gümüştekin, Armağan Lale, Arsen Yılmaz, Artin Garabedian, Arzu Balcı, Arzu Başaran, Arzu Gezen, Arzu Karcı, Arzu Pesmen, Asena German, Asiye Dolu, Aslı Erbaş, Aslı Erdoğan, Aslı İçözü, Aslı İmir, Aslı Kazan Gilmore, Aslı Kılıçalp, Aslı Mertan, Aslı Öngören, Aslı Ünal, Asmin N. Singez, Asu Maro, Asude ! Ustaoğlu, Asuman Özbey, Aşiran Barut, Aşkın Kırım, Atacan Şimş! ek, Atil la Aydemir, Atilla Saral, Atiye Arıkan, Attila Tuygani, Avi Haligua, Aycan Çetin, Ayça Atikoğlu, Ayça Damgacı, Ayça Günaydın, Ayça Örer, Ayça Söylemez, Ayça Şaki, Ayça Şen, Ayda Aksel, Aydan Baktır, Aydan Çelik, Aydın Bağardı, Aydın Bodur, Aydın Çubukçu, Aydın Engin, Aydın Küçük, Aydın Orak, Aydın Sayman, Aydın Sevinç, Ayfer Bartu Candan, Ayfer Gürdal Ünal, Ayhan Bilgen, Ayhan Yalçınkaya, Aykan Sever, Ayla Algan, Ayla Atay, Ayla Delin, Ayla Kerimoğlu, Ayla Önder, Ayla Şeşan, Ayla Yıldırım, Ayla Yusufoğlu, Aylin Canbek, Aylin Kotil, Aylin Cumalıoğlu, Aylin Ugun, Aynur Altun, Aynur Çolak, Aynur Sezer Budak, Aynur Hayrullahoğlu, Aynur Tuncel, Aynur Yılmaz, Aysel Korkut, Aysel Yıldırım, Ayşe Akdeniz, Ayşe Azizoğlu, Ayşe Batki, Ayşe Bengi, Ayşe Bengül Özdemir, Ayşe Berktay, Ayşe Beyazova, Ayşe Bircan, Ayşe Böhürler, Ayşe Buğra, Ayşe Çabuk, Ayşe Çavdar, Ayşe Durukan, Ayşe Esra Dursun, Ayşe Gökhan, Ayşe Gözen, Ayşe Günaysu, Ayşe Hür, Ayşe Kalyoncu, Ayşe Karaköse, Ayşe Kul! in, Ayşe Lebriz Berkem, Ayşe Nesligül Kızılırmak, Ayşe Noyan, Ayşe Önal, Ayşe Özdemir, Ayşe Özlem Kocabey, Ayşe Panuş, Ayşe Sucu, Ayşe Tosuner, Ayşe Yamaç, Ayşe Yıldırım, Ayşe Yılmaz, Ayşegül Akdemir, Ayşegül Akyapraklı, Ayşegül Cebenoyan, Ayşegül Devecioğlu, Ayşegül Gökçe, Ayşegül Güryüksel, Ayşegül Sönmez, Ayşegül Sungur, Ayşen Baydar Çamlıca, Ayşen Candaş, Ayşen Darendeliler, Ayşen Güven, Ayşen Ertur, Ayşen Hadımıoğlu, Ayşenil Şamlıoğlu, Ayşenur Arslan, Ayşenur Demirkale, Ayşenur Doksat, Ayşenur Kolivar, Ayşenur Özçelik, Ayten Ağırdemir, Ayten Akbayram, Ayten Uncuoğlu, Ayten Zara Page, Aytuna Tosunoğlu, Aytül Uçar, Aziz Çelik, Babür Pınar, Bahadır Altan, Bahar Nihal Ersözlü, Bahar Onan, Bahar Şahin, Bahariye Alpman, Bahattin Cebe, Bahattin Işıktaş, Bahri Belen, Balam Kenter, Balçiçek Pamir, Banu Bozdemir, Banu Fotocan, Banu Güven, Banu Özdemir, Banu Serap Avcı, Banu Türel, Banu Vardar Karabeyoğlu, Baran Fundermann, Barbaros Dinçer, Barış Erman, Barış Kaya, Barı! ş Özgür Çağlar, Barış Sulu, Barış Tut, Barkın Karslı, Baskın O! ran, Bas ri Varol, Başak Altan, Başak Atalay, Başak Emre, Başak Güçlü, Başak İkiz, Batuhan Zümrüt, Bawer Çakır, Bayram Cabiroğlu, Bedirhan Toprak, Behçet Şengezer, Behice Çağlar, Bekir Berat Özipek, Belçim Sağnıç, Belgin Çelik, Belgin Oral, Beliz Güçbilmez, Belkıs Dalkıranoğlu, Bennu Yıldırımlar, Bensu Orhunöz, Berat Günçıkan, Berfin Ceylan, Berfin Zenderlioğlu, Beria Atamtürk, Beril Athayte, Beril Eyüboğlu, Berin Çanlı, Berin Uyar, Berivan Bingöl, Berkay Bağcı, Berke Göl, Berna Ataş,Berna Özcan, Berrak Sırma, Berrin Taş, Bertal Söylemez, Bertan Onaran, Beyhan Saban, Beyza Gümüş, Bige Özkan, Bihter Çoban, Bilal Baykal, Bilal Kayabay, Bilal Özdemir, Bilge Contepe, Bilge Girgin, Bilgehan Baykal, Bilgehan Oğuz, Bilgin Adalı, Billur Yatlı, Binnur Açış, Binnur Aloğlu, Binnur Feyizli, Bircan Kırbıyık, Bircan Olça, Bircan Şimşek, Birgül Rona, Birol Kocasoy, Birsen Küçükersan, Birsen Yaşar, Buket Uzuner, Burak Karacan, Burak Özgüner, Burcu Koçyiğit, Burçin Oraloğlu, Burhan Ana! mur, Buthan Ekinci, Burhan Özdemir, Burhan Sönmez, Buse Kılıçkaya, Bülent Ateş, Bülent Aydın, Bülent Erkmen, Bülent Karataş, Bülent Sürme, Bülent Tekin, Büşra Ersanlı, Cafer Aruç, Cafer Solgun, Cahit Ataş, Cahit Berkay, Cahit Koytak, Can Başkent, Can Irmak Özinanır, Can İkizler, Can İzar, Can Özgün, Canan Atabay, Canan Bozkurt, Canan Demir, Canan Korkmaz Coşkun, Caner Gözübüyük, Cansile Kuday, Cansu Demir, Celal Alpay, Celal Karadoğan, Celal Tak, Celalettin Can, Cem Alpan, Cem Behar, Cem Bico, Cem Çobanlı, Cem Erciyes, Cem Gündoğdu, Cem Kor, Cem N. Aldaş, Cem Örter, Cem Öztüfekçi, Cem Sancar, Cem Selcen, Cem Şensoy, Cem Şimşek, Cemil Ertem, Cemile Bayraktar, Cengiz Alğan, Cengiz Güleç, Cengiz Macit, Cenk Taşdemir, Cennet Öz, Ceren Ak, Ceren Kocabaş, Cevdet Arslan, Cevza Sevgen, Ceyda Aşar, Ceyda Demet Mutlu, Ceyda Tufan, Ceyhan Begüm Yıldız, Ceyhan Çılğın, Cezmi Ersöz, Cihan Aktaş, Cihan Baysal, Cihan Demir, Cihan Durmuş, Cihan Merdanoğlu, Cihan Şenoğuz, Cihan Uzunçarşılı B! aysal, Cihat Demirtaş, Cihat Madran, Civan Canova, Cömert Birc! ed, Cuma Boynukara, Cumali Seral, Cumhur Cambazoğlu, Cüneyt Caniş, Cüneyt Cebenoyan, Cüneyt Türel, Cüneyt Yalaz, Çağatay Anadol, Çağatay Egemen, Çağdaş Aşan, Çağla Sinem Özgen, Çağlar Keyder, Çağlar Yiğitoğulları, Çağrı Ekmekçi, Çiğdem Dalay, Çiğdem Gündeş, Çiğdem Mater, Çiğdem Özmen, Çiğdem Yalçın Pamukçu, Çilem Akdağ, Dağlı Özdemir, Damla Gürkan Pamuksoy, Damla Özakay, Davut Erkan, Defne Asal Er, Defne Orhun, Defne Sandalcı, Demet Koç, Demet Seçil, Demir Küçükaydın, Deniz Atamtürk, Deniz Can, Deniz Demirkanlı, Deniz Elitaş, Deniz Erbak, Deniz Ezgi, Deniz Gördük, Deniz Gültekin, Deniz İzgi, Deniz Kavukçuoğlu, Deniz Kırımsoy, Deniz Tapkan, Deniz Türkali, Derya Alabora, Derya Bayram, Derya Engin, Derya Kılıçalp, Derya Nur, Derya Nüket Özer, Devrim Coşar, Devrim Çelik, Devrim Mete, Devrim Soysal, Dicle Baştürk, Dicle Müftüoğlu, Didem Atayurt, Didem Beyarslan, Didem Deniz Erbak, Didem Şahin, Didem Unsur, Dikmen Gürün, Dilan Yıldırım, Dilaver Demirağ, Dilek Hattatoğlu, Dilek İnce, ! Dilek Kumcu, Dilek Kurban, Dilek Üstün, Dilşad Koloğlugil, Dilşah Deniz, Dilvin Semizer, Diren Cevahir Şen, Diren Yılmaz, Doğa Çakır, Doğan Kuban, Doğan Özgüden, Doğan Özkan, Doğan Subaşı, Doğan Tarkan, Durali Durmaz, Duygu Aloğlu, Duygu Öz, Duygu Töremen, Duysal Karakuş, Ebru Akkaş, Ece Aksakoğlu, Ece Dolu, Ece Dorsay, Ece Gözmen, Ece Temelkuran, Eda Demirtaş, Eda Doğan, Eda Erdener, Eda Güral, Edip Gürol, Edip Saner, Efe Balkan, Efe Duyan, Efsun Işıktaş, Egemen Deniz Bahar, Ekin Ekinci, Ekin İncedal, Elçin Mutlu, Elçin Yıldırım, Eleni Papatheodosiou, Elif Babül, Elif Çakır, Elif Çetinkaya, Elif Kırteke, Elif Köklü, Elif Özgüner, Elif Özmen, Elif Şafak, Elif Şit, Elif Yorgancıoğlu, Elkan Albayrak, Elmon Hançer, Elvan Karayel, Elvan Türker Karagülle, Emel Atakan, Emel Armutçu, Emel Brestrich, Emel Budak, Emel Çölgeçen, Emel Okan, Emel Ozan, Emel Yuvayapan, Emin Akbudak, Emin Aktar, Emin Günay, Emine Aksoy, Emine Çelebi, Emine Dolmacı, Emine Özkaya, Emine Sualp, Emine U! çak, Emine Uşaklıgil, Emrah Altındiş, Emrah Kırımsoy, Emrah Oğ! uztürk, Emrah Tuncer, Emre Gümüşdoğan, Emre Kınay, Emre Koyuncuoğlu, Emre Ünal, Emre Yılmaz, Emrullah Beytar, Enes Öztürk, Engin Alhas, Engin Atabay, Engin Ertan, Emver Özkahraman, Enver Yağmur, Ercan Ekinci, Ercan Tanrıverdi, Ercan Y. Yılmaz, Erdağ Aksel, Erdal Güven, Erdal Karayazgan, Erdal Orman, Erdal Talu, Erdal Yıldırım, Erdem İlker Mutlu, Erdi Biltekin, Erdir Zat, Erdoğan Kaya, Erdoğan Yapık, Eren Keskin, Erendiz Atasü, Ergin Cinmen, Ergün Ersözoğlu, Ergün Eşsizoğlu, Erhan İçöz, Erhan Kapıcı, Erim Şerifoğlu, Erkal Özge, Erkan Çetin, Erkan Doğanay, Erkan Şen, Erkan Şimşek, Erol Katırcıoğlu, Erol Kızılelma, Erol Köroğlu, Erol Özkoray, Erol Özyiğit, Erol Üyepazarcı, Erol Veisoğlu, Ersan Uğur Gör, Ersin Çelik, Ersin Elyakut, Ersin Kalkan, Ersin Salman, Ertan Aydın, Ertuğrul Kip, Ertuğrul Kürkçü, Esen Acarer, Esen Arslandoğan, Esen Çamurdan, Esen Özman, Eser Kandoğan, Esin Koman, Esmeray, Esra Açıkgöz, Esra Aşan, Esra Balkancı, Esra Başıbüyük, Esra Çiftçi, Esra Demir, Es! ra Fidan, Esra Gürtuna, Esra Kahraman, Esra Mungan, Esra Nur Aydın, Esra Polat, Esra Sarakman, Esra Zorlu Altan, Ester Ruben, Eşber Yağmurdereli, Eşref Çakar, Ethem Açıkalın, Ethem Baran, Etyen Mahçupyan, Eva Aksoy, Evin Bilmedi, ül, Evren Özer, Evrim Alataş, Evrim Altuğ, Evrim Coşar, Evrim Kepenek, Evrim Solpan, Eylem Can, Eylem Karabulut, Eylem Polat, Eylem Şafak Aydın, Eyüp Özer, Eyüp Yıldırım, Ezgi Akın, Ezgi Başaran, Ezgi Ceren Ağtaş, Ezgi Demir, Ezgi Fidansoy, Ezgi Güner, Ezgi Koman, Ezgi Polat, Ezgi Uğur, Ezgin Sander, F. Dicle Demirel, Fadime Özkan, Faik Akçay, Faik Erkan Gürşen, Faik Kestekoğlu, Faruk Arhan, Faruk Eroğlu, Fatih Kanat, Fatih Özgüven, Fatma Akdokur, Fatma Aydoğmuş, Fatma Baba, Fatma Benli, Fatma Bostan Ünsal, Fatma Çetintaş, Fatma Erdebir, Fatma Karanfil, Fatma Ufuk Gürler, Fatma Ünsal, Fatma Zengin Dağıdır, Fatmagül Berktay, Fatmanur İldokuz, Fatoş Karagöz, Fazıl Ahmet Tamer, Fazıl Sağlam, Fehmi Atay, Ferah Talay, Ferda Keskin, Ferda Ülker, Fer! di Özgökçe, Fergun Özelli, Ferhan Ekin, Ferhat Kentel, Fe! rhat Sağ nıç, Ferhat Tunç, Ferhat Uludere, Feride Eralp, Feride Kuş, Ferit Edgü, Ferruh Erkem, Feryal Öney, Fethi Aytuna, Fethiye Çetin, Fevzi Gümüş, Fevzi Kılıçarslan, Fevziye Dolunay, Feyyaz Yaman, Feyza Hepçilingirler, Feyzi Ceylan, Feyzi Peker, Feyzi Polat, Feza Şanlı, Feza Şişman, Fırat Bilir, Fırat Bingöl, Fırat Güllü, Fırat İnal, Fırat Korkma, Fırat Özgökçe, Fırat Tanış, Figen Batur, Figen Karasoy, Figen Şakacı, Fikret Başkaya, Fikret İlkiz, Filiz Ali, Filiz Aygündüz, Filiz Gök, Filiz Kerestecioğlu, Filiz Kılıçgün, Filiz Koçali, Filiz Kutlar, Fuat Ercan, Fuat Hendek, Fulya Ayata, Fulya Oral, Funda Güzeler, Funda Mesoğlu, Funda Oral, Funda Tosun, Füsun Çelik, Füsun Çiçekoğlu, Füsun Doğan, Füsun Önal, Füsun Özbilgen, Füsun Sercan, Garo Paylan, Gencay Gürsoy, Gizem Üliç, Gonca Şenoğlu, Gökçen Yüksel, Gökhan Atabay, Gökhan Bicici, Gökhan Gençay, Gökhan Özgüvenç, Gökhan Tüfekçi, Gönül Bedir, Gönül Paksoy, Gönül Turhan, Gönül Zarakol, Görkem Tekin, Gözde Başkoç, Gözde Durmuş, Gözde ! Gülbay, Gül Bayram, Gül Çelikkol, Gül Emek, Gülay Göktürk, Gülay Kıratlı, Gülbin Çelebi, Gülcan Akçalan, Gülcan Kartal, Gülcan Küçük, Gülcan Tezcan, Gülcan Yeröz, Gülçin Avşar, Gülçin İsbert, Gülden Balaban, Gülden Sönmez, Gülen Gönül Şahin, Gülenay Akyol, Gülenay Börekçi, Güler Kazmacı, Gülfem Eren, Gülgün Küçükören, Gülhan Avşar, Gülhan Mutaf, Gülhan Türkay, Güliz Kucur, Gülizar Tuncer, Gülnur Elçik, Gülnur Mirza, Gülseren Yoleri, Gülsin Ketenci, Gülsüm Cengiz, Gülsüm Coşkun, Gülsüm Ekinci, Gülsüm Sümer, Gülsüme Oğuz, Gülsün Özgül, Gülsün Paydak, Gülşen İşeri, Gülten Aslan, Gülten Çirkin, Gülten Kaya, Gülüm Baltacıgil, Gülyar Sultan, Gün Zileli, Günay Aslan, Güner Kuban, Güngör Çabuk, Güneş Haksever, Günışığı Suh, Günizi Kartal, Günseli Kaya, Gürkan Öztan, Gürsel Yıldırım, Gürşat Özdamar, Güven Akıncı, Güven Borca, Güven Pio Dilşen, H. Yener Erköse, Hacer Persidat, Hakan Akçura, Hakan Gülseven, Hakan Peker, Hakan Sorgulu, Hakan Tahmaz, Hakan Tuncer, Hale Akınlı, Hale! Özgür Kıyıcı, Halide Yıldırım, Halil Aksoy, Halil Berktay, Ha! lil Ergü n, Halil İbrahim Özcan, Halil Özdemir, Halil Savda, Halime Güner, Halime Kökçe, Halime Sürek Kahveci, Halime Turan, Halit Gürşener, Haluk Ağabeyoğlu, Haluk Bilginer, Haluk Geray, Haluk Gerger, Haluk Sunat, Haluk Tekeli, Hamdi Maskar, Hami Çağdaş, Hamit Demir, Hamiyet Göksu, Handan Börtücene, Handan Çağlayan, Handan İpekçi, Handan Öztürk, Handan Yalvac Kaplan, Handan Yavaşcan, Hande Demircioğlu, Hande İnanç, Hande Özkan, Hande Tatoğlu, Hanım Serençelik, Harika Kılıç, Harun Yasin Tuna, Hasan Can Pala, Hasan Cevad Özdil, Hasan Fehmi Nemli, Hasan Gürkan, Hasan Karaman, Hasan Kılavuz, Hasan Onur Aras, Hasan Özata, Hasan Tanay, Hasibe Güllü, Hatice Bulmuş, Hatice Çoğalırlar, Hatice Kapusuz, Hatice Kırmızıgül, Hatice Uçum, Hatun Selda Aktaş, Hava Doğan, Havva Sokullu, Havva Yılmaz, Hayal Akarsu, Haycan Dink, Haydar Ergülen, Hayri Çölaşan, Hayri Kozak, Hediye Dikmen, Heja Bozyel, Hekim Kılıç, Heves Berksu, Hidayet Şefkatli Tuksal, Hikmet Akçiçek, Hikmet Kırık, Hilal Güntülü, Hilal K! amer, Hilal Kaplan, Hilal Yucel Barın, Hulusi Zeybel, Hülya Ekşigil, Hülya Karabağlı, Hülya Karakaş, Hülya Kızıldeli, Hülya Kirmanoğlu, Hülya Öz, Hülya Tarman, Hülya Tanrıöver, Hülya Tunçağ, Hülya Uçansu, Hülya Üçpınar, Hülya Üstün, Hülya Yalçın, Hülya Yıldırım, Hürriyet Mısırlıoğlu, Hürriyet Özçelik, Hürriyet Şener, Hüseyin Alemdar, Hüseyin Avni Danyal, Hüseyin Çakır, Hüseyin Hatemi, Hüseyin Kahraman, Hüseyin Karaca, Hüseyin Peker, Hüseyin Sorgun, Hüseyin Tutal, Hüseyin Zana Sağnıç, Hüsnü Öndül, Ilgar Özgürel, Ilgıt Uçum, Irmak Işıktaş, Işık Yenersu, Işıl Bayraktar, Işıl Baysan Serim, Işıl Özgentürk, Işıl Yücesoy, İ.Tevfik Karatop, İbrahim Atalay, İbrahim Aydın, İbrahim Betil, İbrahim Doğuş, İbrahim Ekdial, İbrahim Halil Şimşek, İbrahim Keskin, İbrahim Mert, İdil Aydınoğlu, İdil Fırat, İdris Kardaş, İhsan Can Demirkan, İhsan Kaçar, İlhami Algör, İlhan Ay, İlhan Döğüş, İlkay İzer, İlkay Küçük, İlkay Ülkü Ertem, İlker Arslan, İlker Demir, İlker Eraslan, İlyas Odman, İmg! e Yücetürk, İnal Alkan, İnci Asena, İnci Demirkol, İnci Ertan,! İnci Ev iner, İpek Çalışlar, İpek Ruacan, İpek Şeniz Üstün, İrem Berksoy, İrfan Akalp, İrfan Cüre, İrfan Eroğlu, İris Yılmaz, İsmail Beşikçi, İsmail Cem Özkan, İsmail Kaya, İsmail Saymaz, İsmail Yıldız, İsmet Turanlı, İsmet Yarız, İsmet Yılmaz, İzzet Ezgim, İzzettin Önder, Jaklin Çelik, Jale Mıldalıoğlu, Jale Parla, Jale Sayıcı, Jehat Berti, Julide Erdoğan, Jülide Kural, Kaan Doğan, Kaan Metu, Kaan Üçtuğ, Kadim Laçin, Kadir Akbaş, Kadriye Baykal Ceylan, Kakshar Oremar, Kamil Kara, Kamil Ortakçı, Kamile Batur, Karin Karakaşlı, Kasım Sığınç,  Kawa Nemir, Kaya Genç, Kayuş Çalıkkan, Kazım Balaban, Kazım Şah, Kemal Alsal, Kemal Aytaç, Kemal Doğan, Kemal Işıktaş, Kemal Kıran, Kemal Mete, Kemal Okuyan, Kemal Ördek, Kemal Pulgu, Kemal Şimşek, Kemal Varol, Kemal Yalçın, Kenan Işık, Kenan Seven, Kenan Temir, Kerem Kurdoğlu, Kerime Çıldır, Kezban Yılmaz, Kirkor Dülger, Koray Doğan Urbarlı, Korhan Gökşin, Korhan Gümüş, Korkut Boratav, Köksal Erdenoğlu, Kutbettin Özer, K! utluğ Ataman, Kübra Paşaoğlu, Küçük İskender, Kürşad Kahramanoğlu, Laçin Ceylan, Lale Alatlı, Lale Ertuş, Lale Tayla, Lamia Gulcur, Latife Şencan, Latife Tekin, Lay Daran, Leman Şirana, Leman Stehn, Leman Yurtsever, Lemi Bilgin, Levent Arslan, Levent Soy, Levent Tokuçoğlu, Levent Ülgen, Leyla Çetintürk, Leyla Dağ, Leyla İpekçi, Leyla Tayfun, Leyla Uzman, Lütfi Kaplan, M. Atih Şahin, M. Emin Yüksel, Macide Şimşek, Macit Koper, Mahir Duman, Mahir Günşiray, Mahmut Alınak, Mahmut Aslan, Mahmut Sansarkan, Mahmut Toğrul, Maide Tülin Coşandal, Maral Çıldır, Markar Esayan, Mazlum Çimen, Mebuse Tekay, Medeni Can Akın, Mehmet Ağırel, Mehmet Aksoy, Mehmet Ata, Mehmet Atak, Mehmet Ayas, Mehmet Bal, Mehmet Baydemir, Mehmet Bekaroğlu, Mehmet Benek, Mehmet Boz, Mehmet Bozgeyik, Mehmet Bozkuş, Mehmet Çelik, Mehmet Demir, Mehmet Ergen, Mehmet Güç, Mehmet Güreli, Mehmet Hadi Sümer, Mehmet İlkhan, Mehmet Karaca, Mehmet Kırarslan, Mehmet Oba, Mehmet Özdal, Mehmet Özdemir, Mehmut Öznu! r, Mehmet Parmak, Mehmet Reşit Melik, Mehmet Salmanoğlu, Mehme! t Sander , Mehmet Sinan Şahin, Mehmet Soylu, Mehmet Söğütoğlu, Mehmet Talha Paşaoğlu, Mehmet Tarhan, Mehmet Teoman, Mehmet Tursun, Mehmet Türkay, Mehmet Uçum, Mehmet Zaman Saçlıoğlu, Mehveş Evin, Melda Akbaş, Melek Bar Elmas, Melek Göregenli, Melek Hüyüktepe, Melek Nurlu Gündoğan, Melek Özman, Melek Ulagay Taylan, Melek Yıldız, Melih Altınok, Meliha Civelek, Melike Çalışkan, Melis Cankıran, Melisa Gürpınar, Meltem Ahiska, Meltem Aravi, Meltem Elidar, Meltem Erkan, Meltem Gürler, Meltem Özkan, Memet Ali Alabora, Memik Horuz, Memnune Kayagil, Menend Kurtiz, Mensur Akgün, Meral Çakıcı, Meral Danış, Meral Hanbayat, Meral Okay, Meral Olcay, Meral Tamer, Mercan Erzincan, Meriç Eyüpoğlu, Mert Arslanalp, Mert Mutlusoy, Mert Sevic, Merve Erol, Merve Karslıoğlu, Merve Tetey, Merve Tuncay, Meryem Eryılmaz, Meryem Kavak, Meryem Marie Demiroğlu, Meryem Sarı, Mesud Fırat, Mesut Hasan Benli, Mesut Onatlı, Mesut Öner, Mesut Özgül, Mete Elçi, Mete Çubukçu, Mete Sakpınar, Mete Tunçay, Metin Alğan, Met! in Gerboğa, Metin Göksel, Metin Gönen, Metin Karadağ, Metin Narin, Metin Pekgöz, Metin Sert, Metin Yeğin, Mevlüt Ülgen, Migirdiç Margosyan, Mihran Tomasyan, Mihriban Ekinci, Mihriban Karakaya, Mine Keko, Mine Kirazlı, Mine Özdamak, Mine Söğüt, Mine Vargı, Miraç Öztürk, Mirza Metin, Mirzah Sinda, Misak Hergel, Mithat Sancar, Mualla Gülnaz Kavuncu, Muammer Karadaş, Muharrem Atabay, Muharrem Demirkıran, Muharrem Erbey, Muhlis Büyükkaya, Muhsin Aydın, Murat Akbayır, Murat Akçı, Murat Altuğgil, Murat Altunöz, Murat Altuntaş, Murat Aygün, Murat Çelikkan, Murat Çiçek, Murat Daltaban, Murat Dinçer, Murat Dostyüz, Murat Emer, Murat Eron, Murat Garipağaoğlu, Murat Geçgin, Murat Gündüzay, Murat Kaya, Murat Kolca, Murat Köylü, Murat Morova, Murat Muhtar, Murat Muşlu, Murat Özer, Murat Paker, Murat Sözeri, Murat Uyurkulak, Murat Yel, Murathan Mungan, Musa Kaplan, Musa Toprak, Mustafa Akgün, Mustafa Alabora, Mustafa Arısüt, Mustafa Bayram, Mustafa Cenap Kayasu, Mustafa Çinkılıç, Mustafa ! Dağıstanlı, Mustafa Demirkanlı, Mustafa Dermanlı, Mustafa Doma! , Mustaf a Elveren, Mustafa Erhan Kaya, Mustafa Kaplan, Mustafa Kara, Mustafa Köz, Mustafa Mayda, Mustafa Paçal, Mustafa Rüzgar, Mustafa Sütlaş, Mustafa Topkaya, Mustafa Tuna, Mustafa Yasacan, Mutlu Öztürk, Mutlu Şahin, Müfit Sakallı, Müge İplikçi, Müge Karalom, Müge Öztürk, Müjdat Kantarlı, Müjgan Alikaşifoğlu, Müjgan Arpat, Müjgan Yağmur, Münevver Kürtöz, Mürüvvet Cin, Müslüm Güney, Nadide Ilgın, Nadide Kurul, Nadir Nadi Çelik, Nadir Operli, Nadire Mater, Nadire Özkaya, Nagihan Konukçu, Naim Dilmener, Najla Osseiran, Nakiye Boran, Nalan Erkem, Nalan Özübek, Nalan Ünal Topdemir, Naz Erayda, Nazan Abay, Nazan İpşiroğlu, Nazan Üst, Nazan Yılmaz, Nazar Muratoğlu, Nazire Dedeman, Nazlı Akçığ, Nazlı Alatlı, Nazlı Külünk, Nebahat Akkoç, Nebil Özgentürk, Necati Abay, Necati Korkmaz, Necati Kur, Necdet Hasgül, Necla Akaya, Necla Saydam, Necla Şengül, Necmiye Alpay, Nedim Aşkan, Nedim Saban, Nejat Taştan, Nejdet Koldaş, Nejdet Özden, Nena Çalidis, Nergis Erdoğan, Nergis Kulaksızoğl! u, Nergiz Savran Ovacık, Nermin Alpay, Nermin Bahçetepe, Nermin Bezmen, Nermin Parlamış, Nesligül Yarız, Neslihan Acu, Neslihan Akbulut, Neslihan Demir, Neslihan Tezel, Neslihan Yargıcı, Nesrin Aksu, Nesrin Aslan, Nesrin Gökalp, Neşe Doğan Yüksel, Neşe Kıldacı, Neşe Ozan, Neşe Tarhan, Neşe Yaşın, Nevin Cangür, Nevin Duygulu, Nevin Öktem, Nevzat Ayaz, Nevzat Polat, Newroz Yıldırım, Nezahat Paşa, Nezih Başgelen, Nezih Danyal, Nezir Yükselten, Nida Özbolat, Nihal Bengisu Karaca, Nihal G. Koldaş, Nihal Gündüz, Nihal Saban, Nihal Uzan, Nihal Yeğinobalı, Nihan Durdağ, Nihan Özçayan, Nihat Behram, Nihat Boytüzün, Nihat Bulut, Nihat Çay, Nihat Dağlı, Nihat Uçukoğlu, Nihat Ulugöl, Nihat Ziyalan, Nil Demirkazık, Nil Mutluer, Nilay Erköse, Nilay Yılmaz, Nilgün Aktaş, Nilgün Çalışkan, Nilgün Öztunalı, Nilgün Tüzüntürk, Nilgün Yurdalan, Nilüfer Açıkalın, Nilüfer Akbal, Nilüfer Kuyaş, Nilüfer Polat, Nimet Tanrıkulu, Nişan Şirinyan, Niyaz Arığ, Nur Anamur, Nur Tüysüz, Nuran Aslaner, ! Nuran Başyurt, Nuran Keyder, Nuran Şakar, Nuray İzgü, Nuray Sa! ncar, Nu ray Şakar, Nurcan Akyol, Nurcan Kaya, Nurettin Aydın, Nurettin Kurtuluş, Nurgül Cangüleç, Nurhan Gazeryan, Nurhayat Kızılkan, Nuri Ersoy, Nuri Yiğit, Nurinisa Sağnıç Avşar, Nurinisa Yıldırım, Nuriye Kılıç, Nursel Şengür, Nurten Tuç, Nurullah Can, Nurullah Şanlı, Oğuz Ender, Oğuz Karahanoğlu, Oğuz Önder, Oğuz Sönmez, Oğuzhan Ali, Ohannes Kılıçdağlı, Ohannes Şaşkal, Okan Arslan, Okan Bayülgen, Okay Temiz, Oktay Akdeniz, Oktay Uysal, Olgun Şimşek, Onat Çelebi, Onur Caymaz, Onur Deveci, Onur Günay, Onur Gülbudak, Onur Güngör, Onur Kavancı, Onur Özgen, Oral Çalışlar, Orhan Aydın, Orhan Cerav, Orhan Koloğlu, Orhan Kozan, Orhan Kurtuldu, Orhan Miroğlu, Orkide Habiboğlu, Oruç Aruoba, Osman Akkuş, Osman Ay, Osman Elbek, Osman Ergin, Osman Kavala, Osman Murat Kılıç, Osman Murat Ülke, Oya Akgönenç, Oya Baydar, Oya Coşkun, Oya Tezel, Ozan Ekin Kurt, Ozan Erözden, Ozan Gül, Ödül Celep, Ömer Ağın, Ömer Çelik, Ömer Çolakoğlu, Ömer Madra, Ömer Tuncer, Ömer Yıldırmaz, Ömür Şahin, Ömürhan Soy! sal, Önder Özkalıpçı, Önder Sönmez, Öner Ceylan, Övül Durmuşoğlu, Övünç Güvenışık, Öykü Tümer, Özay Erkılıç, Özay Yıldırım, Özcan Elçi, Özcan Yaman, Özcan Yurdalan, Özdal Öner, Özdem Petek, Özden Arslan, Özden Sömez, Özen Saat, Özen Yula, Özge Özgüner, Özgül Herdem, Özgül Soylu, Özgür Azad, Özgür Başkaya, Özgür Eren, Özgür Gündoğan, Özgür Günelsu, Özgür Han, Özgür Heval Çınar, Özgür Sevgi Göktaş, Özgür Sevgi Göral, Özgür Yücel, Özkan Küçük, Özlem Albayrak, Özlem Altıparmak, Özlem Ceylan, Özlem Çağlar, Özlem Dalkıran, Özlem Demirpençe, Özlem Ezgin, Özlem Gümüştaş, Özlem Mungan, Özlem Özcan, Özlem Saçan, Özlem Tufanlı, Özlem Türk, Özlem Zorcan, Öznur Bayoğlu, Pakrat Estukyan, Pamira Bezmen, Paşa İrmek, Pelin Batu, Pelin Durtaş, Pelin Esmer, Pelin Güneş, Pelin Kaya, Pelin Tan, Perihan Barkın, Pervin Yetiz, Pınar Akyürek, Pınar Bedirhanoğlu, Pınar Ecevitoğlu, Pınar Elmasoğlu, Pınar İriz, Pınar Keleş, Pınar Kür, Pınar Selek, Pınar Şenoğuz, Püren Dinçer, R.İhsan Eliaçık, Rabia Öz! gökçe, Rabiye Aksu, Rafet Candemir, Ragıp Duran, Ragıp Zarakol! u, Rahşa n Aytaç, Rana Arıbaş, Rana Mağden, Rauf Kösemen, Recai Hacımirzugli, Recep Maraşlı, Recep Yener, Reha Alpay, Reha Erdem, Reha Özcan, Remzi Aydın, Remzi Engin, Renan Akman, Renan Yıldırım, Resmiye Oral, Reşit Melik, Reyhan Koçyiğit, Reyhan Yalçındağ, Reyhan Yıldız, Rezzan Azizoğlu, Rıdvan Akar, Rıfat Bali, Rıfat Başaran, Rıza Kıraç, Rıza Sümer, Rita Ender, Roda Uyanık, Rojbin Tugan, Rojda Şükran, Rujhat Avşar, Rümeysa Öz, Rüştü Demirkaya, Sabite Müftügil, Sadık Yalsızuçanlar, Safiye Alağaş, Saika Bayraktar, Saim Tokaçoğlu, Salih Akbulut, Salih Yıldız, Saliha Tuna, Sami Evren, Sanem Karadoğan, Sanem Öge, Sasun Estukyan, Savaş Büktül, Savaş Çömlek, Savaş İkiz, Sebahattin Topçuğlu, Seçil Dikçe, Seçil Doğuç, Seçil Kapar Yavaşi, Seçil Türkan, Seda Salihoğlu, Seda Türkoğlu, Sedat Palut, Sedat Töre, Sedat Yurtdaş, Sedef Ecer, Seden Karakurt, Sefa Güven, Sefa Kübalı, Sefa Yasin Erkaymaz, Seher Sander, Selahattin Özpalabıyıklar, Selami İnce, Selçuk Esenbel, Selçuk Özgenç, Selda Çelik,! Selda Tuncer, Selda Ustabaş, Selen Ekinci, Selen Eskikurt, Selen Özkan, Selim Koytak, Selim Selçuk, Selin Berghan, Selin Top, Selma Güven, Selma Sarıcı, Selvet Çetin, Sema Aylıkçı, Sema Barboros, Sema Dülger, Sema Kaygusuz, Sema Kekic, Sema Uludağ, Semih Kaplanoğlu, Semra Somersan, Semra Sunat, Sencer Eren, Senem Akçakaya, Senem İşmen, Senem Yıldız, Sennur Sezer, Serap Güre, Serap Zuvin, Seray Gözler, Sercan Bakır, Serdar Baba, Serdar Kaya, Serdar Aydoğdu, Serdar M. Degirmencioglu, Serdar Orçin, Serdar Şengün, Serfiraz Ergun, Serhat Eren, Serhatcan Yurdam, Serkan Bayrak, Serkan Dizman, Serpil Kemalbay, Serpil Köksal, Serpil Odabaşı, Serpil Ürkmez, Serra Akcan, Serra Bucak, Serra Müderrisoğlu, Serra Yılmaz, Sertaç Murat Koç, Seval Ateş, Seval Doma, Sevda Darıcıoğlu, Sevda Karaca, Sevda Kıraç, Sevgi Alpsen Binbir, Sevgi Koşaner, Sevgi Saygı, Sevgi Tamgüç, Sevgim Denizaltı, Sevil Sevilir, Sevim Soylu, Sevin Okyay, Sevinç Altan, Sevinç Baloğlu, Sevinç İldan, Sevinç Yalçın, Sey! fettin Gürsel, Seyhan Arslan, Seyhan Erözçelik, Seyit Torun, S! eza Mis Horuz, Seza Paker, Sezai Sarıoğlu, Sezai Temelli, Sezgin Kartal, Sezgin Tanrıkulu, Sezil Çeşmecioğlu, Sıdıka Çetin, Sırrı Laçin, Sibel Aslan, Sibel Aybar, Sibel Eraslan, Sibel İnceoğlu, Sibel Köse, Sibel Özbudun, Sibel Tatar, Sibel Yalın, Sibel Yarız, Sidar Batun, Sidar Bengin Epozdemir, Simay Alpaydın, Simge Doğaroğlu, Sinan Erçin, Sinan Noyan, Sinem Demirel, Sinem Dinçer, Sinem Gülenç, Sinem Keleş, Ska Keller, Soner Sevgili, Songül Beydilli, Songül Gül, Songül Sönmez, Stella Ovadia, Suat Bozkuş, Suat Oktay Şenocak, Sultan Kurt, Sumru Ağıryürüyen, Suna Coşkun, Suna Koç, Suna Köse, Suzan Ohanian, Süleyman Bulut, Süleyman Fındık, Süleyman Polat, Süreyya Kurtulmuş, Şaban Dayanan, Şafak Kökçü, Şahika Yüksel, Şahin Küçükkaya, Şahin Özbay, Şakir Sağlam, Şahin Turan, Şanar Yurdatapan, Şebnem Korur Fincancı, Şebnem Köstem, Şehadet Çitil, Şahhanım Kanat, Şehrazat Mercan, Şehmus Ay, Şenay Kazalova, Şenay Taş, Şengül Kılavuz, Şemsa Özar, Şennur Helvacılar, Şenol Karataş, Şerif Süveyda! n, Şerife Taş, Şevin Geçit, Şevki Çelikçi, Şeyda Öztürk Taydaş, Şeyda Talu, Şeyhmus Diken, Şiar Yalçın, Şirin Güven, Şule Albayrakoğlu, Şule Ateş, Şule Perinçek, Şükriye Özdemir, Şükriye Tutkun, Şükrü Aslan, Tacim Çiçek, Taha Feyizli, Taha Parla, Tahir Abacı, Tahir Elçi, Tahsin Koyuncu, Tahsin Yeşiltepe, Talat Ulusoy, Tamar Taşçı, Tamer Deniz, Tamer Erdoğmuş, Tamer Levent, Tamer İncesu, Taner Koçak, Tanıl Bora, Tanju Gündüzalp, Tannur Arat, Tarık Günersel, Tarık Öden, Taşkın Koç, Tayfun Gönül, Tayfun Mater, Tayfun Pirselimoğlu, Taylan Şengül, Taylan Tosun, Tesin Begeç, Temel Demirer, Tevfik Taş, Tijen Çelik, Tijen Mergen, Tilbe Saran, Timur Toker, Tina Kopma, Tolga Öztorun, Tolga Sezgin, Tolga Taşar, Tolga Yalur, Tuba Emiroğlu, Tuba Nur Sönmez, Tuba Özgür, Tuğba Kırarslan, Tuğba Topal, Tuğrul Önder, Tuna Erdem Baykal, Tuncer Cücenoğlu, Turan Eser, Turgay Tuna, Turgut Alaca, Turgut Çeviker, Tülay Esen, Tülay Kıran, Tülay Yıldırım, Tülin Altılar, Tülin Bumin, Tülin ! Karabeyoğlu, Tülin Özen, Tümay İmre, Türkan Dağdelen, Türkan I! şık, Tür kan Uzun, Ufuk Şimşek, Uğur Gökmen, Uğur Kaytaz, Uğur Oğuz Olca, Uğur Polat, Uğur Tekin, Uğur Vardan, Ulaş Boran, Ulaş Çıbuk, Ulaş Özdemir, Ulaş Sever, Ulus Irkad, Ulvi Alacakaptan, Umut Güner, Umut Yenilmez, Uskan Çelebi, Utku Dördüncü, Utku Özmakas, Ülker Uncu, Ülkü Güney, Ümide Aysu, Ümit Biçer, Ümit Kardaş, Ümit Tunçağ, Ümmühan Atak, Ümran Avcı, Ümran Sert, Ünal Asan, Üner Eyüboğlu, Üstün Akmen, Üstüngel İnanç, Vakur Tokgözlü, Vangelis Kechriotis, Vedat Aktepe, Vedat Demirayak, Vedat İlbey, Vedat Yıldırım, Vedi Temizkan, Veli Yaprak, Verda İrtiş, Verda Özdağlar, Verda Pars, Veysel Sönmez, Veysi Altay, Viki Ciprut, Vivet Kanetti, Volkan Akyıldırım, Welat Azadi, Yakup Kadri Karabacak, Yalçın Baş, Yalçın Ergündoğan, Yalçın Sezer, Yalçın Yusufoğlu, Yaman Tüzcet, Yankı Yazgan, Yaprak Zihnioğlu, Yasemin Bakan, Yasemin Balkancı, Yasemin Göksu, Yasemin Öztürk, Yasemin Tümkaya, Yasin Aktay, Yasin Sarıduman, Yaşar Aydın, Yaşar Bodur, Yaşar Çelik, Yaşar Kaya, Yaşar Önel, Yaşar! Özer, YaşarÖzürküt, Yavuz Alatan, Yavuz Altan, Yavuz Kulu, Yavuz Pekman, Yazgülü Yıldırım, Yelda Altuğar, Yelda Gökdağ, Yelda Şimşir, Yeliz Uslu, Yener Orkunoğlu, Yeşim Bildirici, Yeşim Dorman, Yeşim Özsoy Gülan, Yeşim Tabak, Yeşim Ulus Demirel, Yeşim Yener, Yeşinil Yeşilyurt, Yeter Şahin, Yıldıray Oğur, Yıldıray Şahinler, Yıldız Ramazanoğlu, Yıldız Önen, Yılmaz Çamdalı, Yılmaz Demiral, Yılmaz Ensaroğlu, Yiğit Karaahmet, Yiğit Özşener, Yiğit Sertdemir, Yunus Demir, Yunus Öztürk, Yurdagül Şimşek, Yusuf Alataş, Yusuf Eradam, Yusuf Karasoy, Yusuf Öntaş, Yusuf Ziya Doğan, Yücel Sarp, Yücel Tunca, Yüksel Akaya, Yüksel Işık, Yüksel Taylan, Zafer Aydın, Zafer Gökdemir, Zafer Kıraç, Zafer Taylan Aşkın, Zakarya Mildaoğlu, Zehra Çiğdem Özcan, Zehra İpşiroğlu, Zehra Özden, Zehra Şenoğuz, Zehra Yeren, Zekeriya Can, Zeki Alaysa, Zeki Demirhisar, Zeki Dikme, Zeki Korkut, Zeki Mert Berki, Zelal Dağ, Zeliha Kabataş, Zerrin Duralı, Zerrin Oğuz, Zeycan Balcı Şimşek, Zeyneb Taşcı, ! Zeynel Koc, Zeynep Arkan, Zeynep Aydos, Zeynep Bayramoğlu, Zey!nep Eken er, Zeynep Ekinci, Zeynep Erkekli, Zeynep Gambetti, Zeynep Kadirbeyoğlu, Zeynep Kalkavan, Zeynep Kaya,  Zeynep Kılıç, Zeynep Neva Koytak, Zeynep Oral, Zeynep Özdal, Zeynep Özdemir, Zeynep Özgöl, Zeynep Şanlıer Tansuğ, Zeynep Tanbay, Zeynep Uysal, Zilha Uluboy, Ziya Yağtu, Ziyneti Dinçer, Zuhal Ergen, Zuhal Kerridge, Zuhal Ömür, Zübeyde Kılıç, Zülal Yılmaz, Züleyha Demirok, Zülfiye Keleş, Zülfiye Mutlu and 3606 other signatories _____________________

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