The opposition, spearheaded by al Qaida affiliated groups such as Jabhat al Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), has recently attacked Kurdish areas, indiscriminately targeting civilians, women and children. By their own admission, they aim at establishing a strictly Sharia based Islamic Caliphate in the Kurdish parts of Syria, and consequently pay no attention to rights of ethnic or religious minorities. Under the auspices of the Supreme Kurdish Council, the Kurds have so far successfully governed their own areas and have managed to keep the horrors of the civil war somewhat at bay. However the stability of the Kurdish areas is being threatened as Kurds now face immediate danger from these radical salafist groups. For over a month Jabhat al Nusra and the ISIS have been pillaging and looting Kurdish towns and villages. Armed attacks using light and heavy weaponry, harassments, torture, rape, kidnappings and massacres have all taken place in the name of religion and the pretense of holy war (Jihad). Civilian hostages are being held as way of putting pressure on relatives, threats specifically aimed at Kurds are being shouted out from Mosques, instigating mass expulsion.  The attacks have been most striking in small towns in the Aleppo province, especially in Til Hassil and Til Eran, were people have been summarily executed. 

These radical groups thrive on chaos and destabilization and are trying to gain influence by sowing discord among the different components of the Syrian fabric. Attempts are also made to silence progressive Kurdish politicians, the most recent case being Isa Hisso, member of the Supreme Kurdish Council, who was killed in a car bomb 30th july 2013. 

In light of the horrific events which are currently taking place in the Kurdish areas, and for the sake of the Syrian revolution in general, we call on the attention and support of the international community. We urge all defenders of democracy to support the Kurdish people in its fight against al Qaida and its fundamentalist affiliates. 

Diplomatic relations office of the Democratic Union Party in Europe, PYD.