We have a common responsibility to prevent another genocide
It started with Kobane and Sinjar, and now we are witnessing the same developments in Til Temir, Serê Kanî and Al Hasaka. Since February 22th, these areas have come under a brutal and barbaric assault by the Islamic State. Triggered by their setbacks in Kobane, Til Hemis and Til Birak, the terrorists have launched a major terrorist campaign. No one has been spared, including women, children and so-called ”apostates”. Once again we have witnessed the horrendous enslavement of women by the hands of the terrorists, beheadings of innocent civilians and the destruction of churches and mosques. The tragic fate of our 300 kidnapped Christian’s brothers and sisters is sadly still unknown.

Standing against this barbarism, an alliance of forces including the YPG, YPJ, the Syriac Military Council and Sotoro have mustered up a fierce resistance, despite their lack of weapons and modern technical equipment. Dozens of brave men and women have lost their lives protecting their honor, their lands and their places of holy worship. Were it not for these brave men and women, who deserve the recognition and praise of all mankind, the evil of these dark forces would have spread to the whole of Europe. The bitter memories of Paris, Copenhagen and Brussels are all too familiar.

With this in mind, we call upon all defenders of human rights and democracy around the world to reach out to the sons and daughters of Mesopotamia. We firmly believe that the political system of Rojava, were no distinction is made between ethnicity, gender or creed, is the only viable solution to the crisis in Syria, and the Middle East as a whole.

Our appeal is an urgent appeal to the international community to come to the rescue of all the people’s of our region, Kurds, Assyrians, Syriacs, Arabs, Turkmens and Chechens.

We call upon our friends throughout the world and in Europe, be it individuals or organizations, to raise their voices, to, within the boundaries of law, compel their governments to provide our peoples with the necessary means for their legitimate defense and protection.

We have a common responsibility to prevent another genocide of the kind we witnessed at the turn of the 20th century. In the face of the barbaric acts of the so-called Islamic State and their crimes against humanity, silence can only be interpreted as compliance.

We are confident that the forces of democracy and fraternity will prevail in the end.

The Democratic Union Party, PYD
March 16th 2015