There is no doubt that you are following  the situation and developments in Syria, but unfortunately the  aspect/ side which is not treated frequently in the media is the side regarding Kurdish people  and the plays which targeting their existence. In our meetings you, we have always assured that we are a part of the Syrian revolution and that the Kurdish people in western Kurdistan is most in need of freedom and democracy as a more segment of the Syrian people who has been suffering from oppression and tyranny under the rule of Al- Baath regime, which lasted for half a century.
What is happening now in the Kurdish areas of northern Syria is: the beginning of a genocide campaign against Kurdish people,  Turkish regime who brought mercenaries through its borders and pushed them against Kurdish people in Ashrafieh and Sheikh-Maqsud districts in Aleppo, and launched a bloody campaign against  Efrin region and its villages, especially Qustul-Jendo and Yazi-Bagh and its neighbourhood population specifically Yazidis, then permitted/ pushed these armed groups across Sari-Kanye to Arab to Arabs inhabited destricts and began threatening the Kurdish areas and villages, and today, they are harassing with Qamishlo city and its countryside’s through Nusaybin city in Turkey where is adjacent exactly to Qamishlo , but the target is to transfer the conflict to the Kurdish areas deliberately, especially because they know that these areas are under the control of Kurdish people and their institutions eventhough there is no existence for any worthwhile regime forces in these areas. What is happening is planned thoughtfully by the biggest player in the region, the Turkish system, to convert the Kurdish region to fight in order to displace the Kurdish population into the territory of South Kurdistan (North Iraq) or to make them as refugees in the north of Kurdistan (Turkey) to recruit these refugees in their interest, and eliminate Kurdish presence in western Kurdistan (North Eastern Syria), and even to take over the oil wells in the Kurdish region.
It sounds to us that the Kurdish tragedy history is repeating itself in the western Kurdistan again; Kurds become a victim of the resources / wealth’s of their country. What we hope from such friends like you not to remain silent on this tragedy, and to put as much as possible pressure on the actors in this crisis, to stop this genocide, and to stand with our Kurdish people in this ordeal.
With best regards and respect
Info. and Relations Centre Of Democratic Union Party
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