Rojava conferentieYazidis from Iraqi Kurdistan have taken part in three protests against the recent actions of Islamic State (IS) Militants against Yazidis in Sinjar.
On Monday, tens of Kurdish Yazidis protested in front of the Kurdistan Parliament in Erbil the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. They called on Kurdish forces to remove IS militants from Sinjar as soon as possible, before they commit mass killings.
“We condemn what the IS militants are doing to our Yazidi families in Sinjar by killing Yazidis and kidnapping women,” said one of the protesters.
Then the protesters moved to the UN compound in Erbil and called on the international community to move quickly and end the humanitarian tragedy currently taking place on Sinjar mountain where thousands of Sinjar residents have moved, living in dire conditions.
Also on Monday, Yazidis in Sulaimaniyah, the second largest city in Kurdistan region, protested the recent violations against their people in Sinjar and called on international powers to act quickly against IS.
On Sunday Tahseen Saeed Beck, the current leader of Iraqi and world Yazidis who is currently based in Germany, called on Kurdistan authorities as well as the international community to help Yazidis from Sinjar as soon as possible and protect them from IS attacks.
04.08.2014, BasNews, Erbil