Another Kurdish soldier serving in Syrian army has died in a suspicious manner. Since the beginning of this year 4 Kurdish soldiers have died in suspected circumstances.

According to Syrian army, on 27th of May, the Kurdish soldier Hesen Mihemed Dero, who was serving in Hercel district of Damascus, has died. Apparently he had committed suicide during his duty. The family of Dero, after receiving his body on 30 of May, said that there ware traces of torture on the body and especially his head appeared to have been crushed.    

Dero is not the first soldier to die under suspect circumstances in May of this year. On the 6th of May the body of Kurdish soldier Xebat Hesen Eliko from Efrin was received by his family. Eliko was serving in the Syrian army, at the border region of Iraq. Syrian army said that Eliko has died as a result of an accident. Both its soldier friends and family said that there were bullet holes in his chest and back and traces of beatings on his hands.

In Syria, especially from the beginning of 2009 the suspicious dead of Kurdish soldiers has increased. According to the figures worked out by ANF, from the beginning of this year four soldiers have died in suspicious circumstances, while in 2009, 20 Kurdish soldiers have died in suspicious circumstances. According to Syrian Human Rights Organization MAD and KCK-Rojava (The PKK umbrella organization, South West Kurdistan section) figures, since 2004 at least 38 Kurdish soldiers dead in Syrian army.

Syrian officials gives for all this dead more or less the same reasons as traffic accidents, suicide or electric shocks. However, this reasons do not convince the families of the victims.  Until today, no serious investigation has been carried out on these suspicious deaths.