DTP MPs went to a rally in city centre. While Fatma Kurtulan (DTP MP for Van) was speaking at the platform, a group of people hackled the rallying people. The group began throwing rotten tomatoes.

Taking the podium at the rally, DTP co-leader Emine Ayna said seeds of peace could not be sown in Turkey without the DTP and the country’s Kurds.

Following Ayna’s speech, residents clashed with DTP members and the two groups threw stones at each other. Police intervened in the clashes and used clubs to disperse the crowd. The DTP’s election bus left the area following the protests. Vehicles nearby had their windows broken during the fighting.

Around 100 people gathered in the city centre a night before chanting "We do not want the PKK in Ardahan. We are all Turks. We are all Muslims", "We don’t want PKK in Ardahan", "Apo’s bastards can’t enter Ardahan", "Ardahan is Turkish and will remain so", "Ya Allah Bismillah Allahuekber". Some people hanged flags from windows.

Former town chairman of MHP Levent Pehlivan addressed the group saying "DTP members will come to town tomorrow. We will not let them into Ardahan. We will be here in the morning." (antenna-tr.org, November 29, 2008)