According to the latest reports, at least 366 people have been killed and around 1300 people injured, but the Disaster and Emergency Administration expects the death toll to rise as many people are still missing, trapped under the rubble of over 2,300 collapsed buildings. Frantic rescue efforts are still underway in the search for survivors.
The survivors in the worst hit towns of Ercis and Van are now huddled around fires and in rescue shelters, attempting to overcome the shock and grief, and fend off the freezing conditions. Approximately 40,000 people have been made homeless and are in desperate need of shelter, blankets, sleeping bags and heaters.
The Erdogan government has already had to apologise for not distributing tents for the neediest quickly enough, and protests were triggered by one Turkish TV host who suggested that Kurds who battle the police should not now expect any assistance from them.
This is a devastating situation for a province already suffering under poverty and increasing political repression, and we call on your support for all the victims of Ercis, Van, and the surrounding areas hit by this disaster.
To assist the rescue efforts, please make a donation to the Kurdish Red Moon headquarters in Germany, using the following details:
Kurdish Red Moon Headquarters/Heyva Sor a Kurdistanê e.V.
Bank Name: Stadtsparkasse Neuwied
Address: Schäfer str. 4 / 53859 Niderkassel / Germany
Account number: 186098
BLZ: 57450120
IBAN: DE 62 57 45 01 20 00 00 18 60 98
Don’t forget to please circulate this as widely as you can!
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