Published by Bianet, Istanbul, May 26, 2015

200 people, journalists, academicians, artists, poets and writers among them, called on the government: Provide a safe and peaceful election urgently without giving in the President’s unlawful and uneasy interventions.

200 people including journalists, academicians, artists, poets and writers appealed to the government for a safe and peaceful election.

The text titled “Emergency Call” is as below:

“Today, Middle East is having a blood bath. Today, Turkey needs a fair election more than ever. We call the government for a peaceful and safe election without giving in the President’s unlawful and uneasy interventions.”

 “We become more anxious day by day”

“Our country has been ruled by a regime which violates the law for a long time. Judiciary became dependent with interventions under cover of struggling with ‘parallel structure’. It has become impossible to control the judiciary. A political tutelage has been created by the violators living in palaces.

“The election threshold and other antidemocratic practices prevent a fair and independent election. To make matters worse, the President is running election campaigns against the constitution and the situation becomes messy. The President is exploiting the religion for political gain and polarizing the society with the determination about the presidential system.

“In a region where hundreds of people are massacred owing to wars of religion in Iraq and Syria and religious hostility and wars have increased, the President factionalize the community and point people as a target with implications like ‘Zoroastrianism’, ‘Alawisim’, ‘Yazdânism’. It’s a desperate situation.

“We become more anxious day by day while Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) election bureaus have been physically attacked at the same time with the campaign launched against HDP in order not to allow it to pass the election threshold.” (BK/BD)

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