Continuing for 24 hours, the Democratic Solution Tents are reflecting the will of the people and strongly bring out the determination to end the war.

The Kurdish people have proudly announced once more their demands for peace, democracy and freedom and the willpower in the 2011 Newroz celebrations. Millions of Kurds have cried out their democratic demands with marching for miles from Newroz squares to Democratic Solution Tents.

Kurdish People’s Democratic Solution Tents and the marches met with an intolerant response from the authorities while AKP Government is misleading the domestic and international public opinion with its rhetoric of a “democratic opening”. The state’s “security” forces have brazenly attacked parliamentarians and peace mothers with high intensity gas bombs, pepper gas and police batons against the people who were seeking to exercise their universal democratic civil right. Our elected representatives, party members and citizens have been taken into custody.

The AKP Government Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan says once again “the required will be done” and threatens Kurdish people’s representatives and all of the Kurds. 

We as the BDP, would like to share our deep concerns about the state’s aggression in Turkey which give rise to increasing violence that deepens the political crises and social chaos. The solution is not to step up aggression on the people’s political structures, representatives and citizens, but on the contrary the solution is to show true consideration to people’s willpower. We would like to inform all citizens and the international public opinion as a necessity of our responsibility. The AKP Government’s concept of solving the Kurdish issue without the Kurds leads to war and a deadlock in Turkey.

The Kurdish people who resist and struggle for 30 years against the denial, assimilation and liquidation politics will sustain themselves by using the right of civil democratic resistance which is their right under the international law in order to end the aggressive atmosphere, to strengthen a democratic and free country.

In this context, the Kurdish People’s demands which were announced before to the public opinion again and again are reiterated as follows;
1-    Stop military and political operations immediately.
2-    Education in the mother tongue and providing constitutional guarantees for using the mother tongue in the public sphere.
3-    Removing the 10% electoral threshold which hinders the representation of Kurdish People in the Assembly.
4-    Releasing all political prisoners.

The indefinite sit-down strike will start on 24 March 2011 at 12:00 in the castle of resistance, peace and freedom, Diyarbakir, and will continue until is receives a response.

We are calling on the international public opinion to support the Kurdish people’s legitimate demands which are embodied in the slogan “Either Freedom or Freedom” in solidarity with the Kurdish people against injustice and unlawful aggression.