Four Turkish agents will be prosecuted for participating in an association of criminals and in the activities of a terrorist group. The case is being heard by the 23rd Criminal Chamber of the Brussels court of first instance on Friday 11 March 2022.

The 4 defendants belong to a group that planned an assassination attempt in Belgium against 2 Kurdish prominent figures, Remzi Kartal, the co-chair of Kongra-Gel and Zubeyir Aydar (see photo)

The allegations may be shocking, but they are of no surprise. There are also very clear indications that it was commissioned by Turkish government authorities.

Just as it has been proven that the Turkish intelligence service (MIT) is behind the murders of the 3 Kurdish women in Paris (2013).

A press conference will be held at the Brussels Press Club on March 1, 2022. Testimonials from different European countries will be presented and a well-documented report prepared by a journalist in collaboration with the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) with examples of activities of Turkish agents in Europe.

Please find below the Press Release leading up to the Press Conference of 1 March.

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