BREAKING! Another Basement In Cizre, Another Massacre: At Least 20 People Burnt Alive

Published by Kurdish Question, 10 January 2016

ANF – Şırnak

It has emerged that Turkish state forces have committed yet another massacre in a third basement in Şırnak’s Cizre district where as many as 40 people had taken shelter and remained trapped for days.

According to reports this basement, which is in the Sur neighborhood, has been under tank fire and at least 20 civilians have been killed as a result of these attacks.

Derya Koç, former co-chair of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Milas district branch, who is among those trapped in the mentioned building, managed to reach her family and informed them about the latest situation; “The situation here is very critical. Around 20 people who took shelter in the basement downstairs were burned to death. We are now 20 people left in the building. They (state forces) keep firing on us, which may also result in us burning to death soon. People must come here immediately. The building was targeted by strikes an hour ago, which left the others in the basement dead. Now there are 20 of us, and we are all wounded. The building where we took shelter in Sur neighborhood is now surrounded by tanks. I need to hang up now. There is no network. They are around us.”

The names of the people in the mentioned building, who are all facing threat of imminent massacre are as follows; Derya Koç, Lokman Bilgiç, Murat Kekin, Sinan Kaya, İbrahim İvrendi, Fırat Malgaz, Orhan Tunç, Meryem Akyol, Mürsel Dalmış, Star Öztürk, Murat Tunç, Abdülselam Turgut, Fatma Demir, Emel Ayhan, Mesut Özer, Abdullah Özgür, Agit Aydın, Barış Gasir, Sahip Edip, and someone by the name of Ferhat whose surname is not known.