The people in Syria are fighting unequal battle against the brutal and authoritarian regime as they offering more and more martyrs to regain their freedom; while the world is watching and turned Syria into an arena for their own interests as turning a blind eye to the situation which is being lived.
The Kurdish areas, which have become a safe haven for those fleeing war zones, are facing serious risks.
As the Turkish state insists to make these areas a zone for bloody conflicts by  rganize i its sleeping cells and agents to cause chaos as well by arming some groups that have close relationships with Turkey and by inciting them to fight each other.We want to point out at those acts which are getting accelerated day by day putting these areas face to face with bloody conflicts and their vicious and evil repercussion on the region as whole. Especially in the light of the already deteriorated living conditions. Out of our historical sense of responsibility we point out at the importance of national unity and national responsibility toward our people; as calling for to work together to strengthen the infrastructure and to maintain it to avoid deterioration of the living conditions.

Kurdish higher Council’s public relations commission meeting with the National Assembly for Arab Youths.

After the establishment of the public relations commission of the Kurdish Higher Council the Commission has started to hold meetings and gatherings aiming at making good and close relations with all sides and political parts in western Kurdistan; the latest meeting was the holding of consultative meeting with the National Assembly for Arab youths. They discussed together the latest developments and conditions in Syria generally and in western Kurdistan especially; they also discussed how to overcome the Syrian crisis with the minimal loses. The both sides exchanged opinions and views regarding the way of establishing peaceful relationships in the relatively safe western Kurdistan. As well as discussing the possibility of holding an expanded meeting where all Kurdish, Arab, Assyric, Assyrian political parties,  rganize ions and groups and others in the area could participate. It is worthy to mention that the meeting was the second of its kind for the Commission as they had met with a delegation by Assyrian Democratic Organization earlier on August.

The local council of al- Hassaka oversees the distribution of diesel.

After the surge of chaos in Syria
especially the lack of security and the acute shortage of fuel all over Syria and in western Kurdistan as well; which required the local councils in different cities in western Kurdistan to organize and administrate fuel stations to prevent merchants and monopolists to take control of the market. The local council in al-Hassaka sent a commission to  rganize and supervise the queue so that all people can get petrol without any trouble and hardships unlike before.
Some Arabs, who were waiting in the queue, expressed their happiness for getting an amount of fuel and some went even further hoping that the commissions of local council could organize and oversees all oil stations in al-Hassaka. A citizen said‘‘I have not seen an oil station where the distribution process goes so good as those administrated by local councils’ commissions’’
It is worthy that some petrol stations have witnessed armed clashes in al- Hassaka and some citizens were injured as well.
Loca councils: are public councils were established by people’s council in western Kurdistan to administrate the local affairs, maintain security and civil affairs of local people.
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