The Turkish AKP regime started a war on 20 January against Afrin, a predominantly Kurdish enclave in northern Syria. Several dozen organizations and individuals have signed a call to stop these hostilities immediately (list below). You can also sign the call, which you will find below, via [email protected].

On Saturday, January 27, 2018, a public action will take place at 2 pm in front of Brussels Central Station, to protest against the military actions of the Turkish regime. Several signatories of the call will be present and take the floor.

You can support this important anti-war campaign by signing the call and/or taking part in the action in Brussels on Saturday. Your voice can make a difference!

Thank you for your support,

The signers of the call ‘Stop the Turkish aggression war against Afrin!’

CALL: Stop the Turkish aggression war against Afrin!

On 20 January, the Turkish AKP regime and its militias started a war against Afrin, an enclave in northern Syria with a democratic, multicultural and gender equal autonomous government. Afrin never posed a threat to Turkey. As a result of this aggression, dozens of civilians have already been killed and injured. Afrin was one of the more quiet places in northern Syria and a safe place for hundreds of thousands of refugees from other parts of the Syrian state.

The population of Afrin and its many refugees are at the mercy of the Turkish state and international and regional powers that are playing a perverse geopolitical game. And yet, it was because of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Kurdish self-protection units, together with international support, that the so-called Islamic State was defeated in northern Syria. Now they are being left to their fate.

We ask Belgium, the EU and the international community to:
– condemn the war being waged by the Turkish regime
– stop the arms trade with Turkey
– urgently take measures leading to an end of hostilities and the withdrawal of Turkish troops- start diplomatic initiatives that will result in a sustainable truce and political negotiations
– help guarantee freedom of expression and association in the Turkish state

Signatures (on 29/01/18)

  1. Vrede vzw
  2. Koerdisch Instituut vzw
  3. Vredesactie
  4. Info-Turk
  5. FOS – Socialistische Solidariteit
  6. Masereelfonds
  7. Victoria DeLuxe
  8. Rojava Solidarity – Kobane is niet alleen
  9. Solidarity For All
  10. Soroptimisten
  11. ‘t Uilekot vzw
  12. Ateliers du Soleil
  13. vzw Werkgroep Vluchtelingen Gent
  14. LABO vzw
  15. EODP (European Observatory for Democracy and Peace)
  16. Armenian National Committee of Belgium, CDCA Belgique
  17. Association des Arméniens Démocrates de Belgique
  18. Centre communautaire laïc juif David Susskind (CCLJ)
  19. Institut Assyrien de Belgique
  20. Institut Kurde de Bruxelles asbl
  21. Nav-Bel
  22. HDP
  23. HDK-België (Democratic Congress of the Peoples)
  24. Volkshuis/Halk Evi/Mala Gel
  25. SKB (Socialistische Vrouwen Unie)
  26. Linkse Socialistische Partij (LSP)
  27. Actief Linkse Studenten (ALS)
  28. SAP – Gauche anticapitaliste
  29. VSB (Vlaams Socialistische Beweging)
  30. LEF (Links Ecologisch Forum)
  31. Secours Rouge
  32. VRAK Aktie Vredesbelasting
  33. Hugo Van Rompaey, Honorary Senator
  34. Jo De Leeuw, activiste
  35. Willy Kuijpers, ere-Vlaams Volksvertegenwoordiger
  36. Jean Pierre Cravatte
  37. Isabelle Rossaert (PEN Vlaanderen)
  38. Orhan KILIÇ Koerdische activist
  39. Karin Verelst, filosofe, VUB
  40. Robrecht Vanderbeeken, acod cultuur
  41. Saddie Choua, sociologe, activiste, kunstenares
  42. Peter Terryn, activist
  43. Niko Buiten, Haarlem (Nederland)
  44. Filip De Bodt Gemeenteraadslid LEEF! Herzele
  45. Willy Mebis, Genk, Vrienden Welat Grnk
  46. Driessen Helena, Genk, Vrienden Welat Grnk
  47. Peter van Wetter, verpleegkundige
  48. Kariane Westrheim, Professor University of Bergen, Norway, Chairperson EUTCC
  49. Ramon Emmaneel, Activist
  50. Mas Atcheba
  51. Ludo De Witte, auteur
  52. Egbert Rooze, doctor theologie en activist
  53. Willem Cartigny, Utrecht, Ned.
  54. Marcello Devondel
  55. Olivier Stein, Lawyer, Progress Lawyers Network
  56. Rachid Moumni, Amazigh activist
  58. Rik Delva
  59. Bilal Mastroianni

You can also sign the call via [email protected].