With the world’s focus on Ukraine, now seemed the perfect time for Turkish President Erdogan to launch a devastating invasion of the Kurdish region of northern Iraq. After the occupation of Afrin (Northern Syria – 2018) and an invasion of Rojava in northeastern Syria (2019), neo-Ottoman expansionism seems to have been targeting Kirkuk and Mosul in Iraq since April 17, 2022.

Turkey’s umpteenth violation of international sovereignty. The Turkish regime again calls it “an operation”, just as Russia continues to call the war in Ukraine “an operation”.

Turkey deployed huge resources: non-stop aerial bombardments, armed drones, helicopters and ground troops. Local observers also report that the Turkish armed forces use chemical weapons.

Turkey continues to invoke “fighting a terrorist organization”, while once again there are casualties among the Kurdish civilian population.

It remains ominously silent among the international community. That is why Kurdish human rights organizations, including the Kurdish Institute, are urgently seeking contact with Western politicians.

In recent days, our Institute has written to ALL political groups in our country, calling on them to help break the silence, and to ensure that a strong stand is taken against Turkish war crimes such as, the violations of international law and human rights violations.

Please also find below a call from the Kurdistan National Congress addressed to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and the United Nations.

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