This travelling prohibition is hindering M. Demirbas from going abroad to receive the much needed medical treatment for his illness, deep vein thrombosis.
I hereby want to ask you kindly to support mister Demirbas by signing a petition directed towards to Turkish government. The text is included and should be signed and sent to the following e-mailadresses:

Prsident Abdullah Gül, [email protected]
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, [email protected]
Ministery of Justice Sadullah Ergin, [email protected]

Off course you can also help mister Demirbas by forwarding this messages to your contacts and friends.


Derwich M. Ferho
President Kurdish Institute Brussels

Annull the travelling prohibition towards Abdullah Demirbaş!

Mr. Abdullah Gul, President, Republic of Turkey
Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister, Republic of Turkey
Mr. Sadullah Ergin, Minister of Justice, Republic of Turkey

Your Excellencies:

The Kurdish mayor of SUR Abdullah Demirbaş was arrested on December 24th 2009 because of his struggle to encourage multiculturalism and languages in Diyarbakir.
He was sentenced to a long time prison penal. The poor conditions in the prison
contributed in deteriorating his prior illness, which thereafter hospitalized him at the
Dicle University hospital in Diyarbakir.

His condition worsened additionally and after much international pressure the prison
penal was converted to a traveling prohibition on May 14th 2010.

His disease is called deep vein thrombosis and without treatment the symptoms
aggravate. According to a medical extra report from the faculty of medicine at
Istanbul University, Demirbaş must receive treatment abroad in order to be given the
medicine pradaxa. In order to do so genetic preliminary investigations are necessary
with guardianship from a medical clinic.

In order to annul the travelling prohibition against him Demirbaş has without any
result turned to the parliamentary commission for human rights in Turkey.

We hereby want the traveling prohibition towards Demirbaş annulled immediately so
that he can see treatment abroad.

We/I hereby take part in and support the above stated

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For more about Mr. Demirbas : PDF File