Today, 14 April 2021, is the so-called Red Wednesday (Çarşema Sor). The Yazîdî Kurds’ New Year according to the mythology of the Yazidis. The Kurdish Institute expresses its warmest congratulations and blessings to the Yazîdîs.

The Çarşema Sor for the Yazîdî Kurds has great and sacred meanings especially celebrating it in April, which is the holiest months of the year and the beginning of the formation of the life and renewal of it. This in itself, means continuing with foundations and a new normal life philosophy, and as a first step to preserve the higher values ​​and morals of the human being.

The essence of this holly event, represents mutual respect and acceptance on the principle of equality and justice and the core values ​​of peace, harmony and coexistence between all peoples of the region.

Let us make this peaceful occasion a feast for building bridges of brotherhood between the different communities. Let us live all our religious, national holidays on the basis, principles and philosophy of the democratic nation.