The Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Prime Minister, Mr Erdogan,               as members of the European Parliament – and among us there are many who voted for the opening of EU-Turkey accession negotiations – we are...

The cultural situation of the Kurds

RestrictedAS/Cult (2006) 1617 March 2006  The cultural situation of the KurdsRapporteur: Lord Russell-Johnston, UK, ALDE  Draft record of the HearingHeld in Paris on 18 January 2006  A.  Opening of the Hearing Mr Jacques...

Iraqi Constitution – Final Draft

PREAMBLE We the sons of Mesopotamia, land of the prophets, resting place of the holy imams, the leaders of civilization and the creators of the alphabet, the cradle of arithmetic: on our land, the first law put in place by mankind was written; in our nation, the most...

What do the Kurds want in Turkey?

Two hundred Kurdish prominent figures ask the EU to consider the demands of the Kurdish people in TurkeyThe Kurds make up about a quarter of the population of Turkey, numbering between 15 and 20 million, according to the October 2004 Report of the European Commission....

The Kurds: Genuine refugees or economic migrants

The refugee issue has been for a while at the top of the agenda for most EU countries. The recent developments and measures taken by the various European countries were been placed to tighten asylum laws and prevent asylum seekers from entering Europe. The pretext has...