While the Syrian government, the Western-backed Syrian ‘opposition’ and regional and international players continue to wrangle over the future of Syria without the genuine input of people most affected by the conflict, the people of Rojava, Syrian Kurdistan, have been busy establishing self-rule in northern Syria.
Two months after the Transitional Interim Administration was announced, with the agreement of over 35 different parties, civil and social organisations, the people of Rojava have been to the polls and elected representatives for the newly formed government. Putting the principles of Democratic Autonomy into action, Rojava is developing an inclusive and democratic political project based on pluralism, gender liberation, participatory democracy and freedom of faith and identity.
To reach this point, young men and women have sacrificed their lives against foreign-backed mercenaries and jihadist fighters, defending their right to exist as a nation and a people. Despite being silenced by the Western media and side-lined by the international community, Rojava has not only shown the world what peace and democracy can look like is Syria, but has irrevocably changed the future path for the Kurds, their Syrian compatriots and the Middle East.
Please join together to celebrate the Rojava revolution!
The celebration starts on 25th January 2014 from at 1PM in KCC, Haringey With cars convoy/ rally in London.
Followed by a night of Music, dance & Celebration in Halk-Evi at 6 PM:  31-33 Dalston Lane, London E8 3DF.
Free Youths Movement – UK

Special Report: Amid Syria’s violence, Kurds carve out autonomy
Saturday 35 January, 1pm
Kurdish Community Centre, Haringey

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