Ferda Çetin writes about an “award regulation” the Turkish government allegedly issued last year and involving 50 leading members of the PKK, 20 of which are in Europe.

“According to the regulation presented to the Prime Minister, the murderer of Sakine Cansız and two her comrades would  need to be paid 4 million TL. Whom did the Turkish government give this money to? What was Ömer Güney’s share in this money?”, asked Çetin.

“As a tradition inherited from the Ottoman Empire, the Turkish state still resorts to execution instead of legal judicial procedure against the opposition it faces inside and outside of the country. The AKP government follows this tradition. We can be certain of this – argues the journalist – because of recent statements by the Prime Minister who, in a daring and unabashed way, said that these killings will continue and that Germany will be next in line”.

Çetin quoted a report published by the daily Hürriyet on 19 October 2012 as the source of the news on the regulation for the murder of PKK executives: “The award regulation the Interior Ministry sent to the Prime Minister’s office to be implemented in the fight against terror is waiting for signature for over a year now. The draft of the regulation, which is reported to be in the process of review at PM’s office, involves presentation of an award of up to 4 million TL to those to enable the capture of 50 leading members of the PKK, 20 of which are in Europe.

The regulation draft includes the names of KCK (Kurdish Communities Union) executive council president Murat Karayılan, KCK executive council member Cemil Bayık, Duran Kalkan, HPG (People’s Defense Forces) main headquarters command Fehman Hüseyin, as well as Mustafa Karasu, Sabri Ok and Zübeyir Aydar who attended the negotiation talks in Oslo. The lower limit 2 million TL is designated for the local leaders and European unit executives in Europe. Instant intelligence will be awarded with 100 thousand TL”.

In consideration of the Prime Minister’s recent statements, it is understood that the regulation is already in effect, added Çetin.

Çetin said that the AKP government is obviously not acting sincerely and reliably as it conducts negotiations with Zübeyir Aydar, Mustafa Karasu and Sabri Ok while at the same time making plans for having them executed.

Çetin noted that Zübeyir Aydar and other unit executives in Europe cannot be detained because of their status as political refugees recognized by European states.

Çetin asked whether Ömer Güney received 100 thousand TL by providing  instant intelligence about Sakine Cansız and whether his visits to Ankara could be related to this award.

Journalist Çetin also called attention to Adnan Gürbüz, former member of MHP (Nationalist Movement Party) Board of Discipline and currently active in the Germany-England-Belgium triangle, who – he noted – is known for his hostility against Kurds. Çetin stated that “Gürbüz flew from London to Paris on 8 January, one day before the killings, and stayed in Paris on the 9th. One day after the killings, on the 10th, he went to the city of Calais and then to England by boat.” Çetin asked what Gürbüz did in Paris for two days, whom he met there, and whether he had met Ömer Güney, who is from the same city with his, before or after the killings.

ANF, News Desk 28.01.2013