Kurdish children that Most of them were detained for taking part in anti-government protests. They
jailed in Turkey under anti-terror law without caring of international agreement of the children
rights. The turkish security forces as the do always have been far from scientific and demokratik
measures. They dont treat them as children but treat them as a big terrorists.
Berîvan Sayaca was caught by the turkish security forces at one of the Batman city’s street without
knowing the reason until they tell her at the court. The court sentenced her by 7 years and 8 month
jail. They do that according to the statement of an police man. Berivan and one onother little girl are
isolated in a small Cell of Diyarbakir prison. Berivan and her freind every night live in a horrible fear.
This is a part of Berivan’s letter:
”If you are asking about my health I fill too bad. How can see myself good between the four walls of
the prison?
The man can live his child only once. Why they take my child rights. When my tears will stop and
when my face could smile again? My psychology every day is become more bad. What i have do to
treat me as terrorist?.
Kurdocide Watch-CHAK
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I fill in horrible in this place. Please free me from the prison. Why they sentenced me by 7 years and 8
month jail. What is my crime?
My beloved mother could i clinging you again? Would i will spend all my life here? Would i can kiss
you again? Would i can feel your harm face again or hear your voice? I fill myself too bad, i am always
crying, i canot live without you. I want to leave this horrible place and live with you”.
"The organization CHAK gives each an human rights award to someone who has fought for human
rights. Board members of CHAK decided yesterday to give this prize to Berivan Sayaca. Berivan
Sayaca has long been a symbol of innocent Kurdish children who have been in prison. The human
rights award consists of 5000 crowns which will be handed over to her, in Diyarbakir prison ", said
CHAK`s V. Chairman Gabar Ciyan.
Kurdocide Watch-CHAK, Dokumentation Center
Box 5047, 141 05 Kungens Kurva – Sweden
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