“Closing Roj TV is the same as closing DTP” said Co-Chairs of DTP and condemned the pressures on Roj TV.

They also called on Kurdish people for solidarity with Roj TV as the most watched TV channel in the Region. There was another call made by them on the European Countries in end the oppressions on the Roj TV since it was considered as the use of freedom of expression of Kurds and by Kurds.

Referring Turkish authorities’ intensive diplomacy relations to close down the Roj TV, Demirtaş remarked that ‘this effort is proving us that Justice and Development Party (AKP) administration focusing on destructing policy against Kurds instead of solving the problem.’

Demirtaş also underlined the AKP’s suppressive policy against Kurdish institutions and existences: “Kurdish people believe that the Roj TV is Kurds’ real voice since its broadcasting policy based on showing AKP’s policy with two faces. The European Countries are ignoring this reality despite being the most important supporters of the freedoms and freedom fights. This is European dilemma. We do not want to believe in that, these countries would negotiate over Roj TV and give it up because of some interests of their own.”

On the other hand Danish prosecutors’ demand to cancel Roj T’s broadcasting license for the Kurdish satellite TV supports Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) will be concluded on October 19.

Speaking to AFP news agency prosecutor Lise-Lotte Nilas said he and a group of Danish prosecutors observed Roj TV’s broadcasts closely since 2005 and concluded that the Kurdish television supports the PKK.

He also spoke about Danish police’s decision to freeze the assets of Roj TV and Mezopotamia Broadcasting in Denmark.

Roj TV’s defense lawyer Bjoern Elquist also spoke to AFP saying that an objection was presented against the decision to freeze the assets to the Danish court.

The court will hear both sides on 19 October and announce its decision. (DIHA, 10 October 2010)