FEK-BEL  consists of 6 associations; the Federetion serves about population Kurds in the Diasporas in the areas of social, cultural, educational and integration. Majority of Kurdish population in Belgium had to leave their homes as a result of political unrest, discrimination and criminalization, denial to their political identity and denial of their mother tongue by the Turkish government.
The prime example of the government’s lawless actions is that in the last two years over nine thousands people have been arrested because of their political views.  Among those, there are Kurdish politicians, human rights activists, lawyers, journalists, intellectuals, academics, environmentalist, students, municipal presidents, media and all those who oppose the system.
The second point is on government’s arbitrary actions on the Kurdish leader Mr. Ocalan who is kept in solitary confinement in the Imrali Island since 1999. Mr. Ocalan and other 5 political prisoners have not been able to communicate either with their legal representatives or their families for the last 427 days. This situation is creating tension in the Kurdish Community and there is huge concern about Mr. Ocalan’s and other five prisoners’ lives and safety.
We strongly believe resolution of Kurdish question can only be through peaceful negotiations and democratic channels.  KON-KURD is calling out to all EU countries to put pressure on Turkish government to end the atrocity against Kurdish, free Mr. Ocalan and all other political prisoners.
This campaign is supported by Kurdish intellectuals, artists, representatives of the institutions’ and the coach tours have been organized in 8 countries. The tour started with the International Kurdish Cultural festival in Manneheim on 2nd September 2012 and will end on 23 October 2012.
On 28st September 2012 our coach will at Antwerp, STEENPLEIN, between 13:00- 15:00
On 29st September 2012 our coach will at Liege , PLACE SAINT LAMBERT, between 13:00- 15:00
On 30st September 2012 our coach will at Brussels, PLACE DE LA BOURSE, between 13:00- 15:00
On 1st October 2012 our coach will at Brussels, Place du Luxembourg Ixelles, between 13:00- 15:00.
We kindly ask if you would visit our coach at the address above between the hours stated.

Yours sincerely

Salih UCAR
27 September 2012
Federation of Kurdish Associations in Belgium (FEK-BEL)
KON-KURD Adress: 41 Rue Jean Stas 1060  Bruxelles/Belgique Tel: +32 2647 9953
e-mail: [email protected]