More than two million citizens have left the country. In the last year were in Syria on average 5,000 people per month through violence to life. The UN says the situation in Syria “drastically deteriorated. It becomes worse and more dangerous for the world. The war in Syria knows no boundaries and no one can see the depth of this war.

• Why war in Syria?
• Who is responsible?
• What is the fate of the Kurds in Syria?
• The effect of the situation in Syria to the rest of the Middle East?
There are many questions to which no answer for it.
On October 4, 2013 the SP fraction Regional Council organizes with a few Kurdish organization conference about the impact of the Arab Spring in Syria and the region. 
• Harry van bomb SP Dutch parliament membership and member (foreign affairs spokesman and Europe)
• Salih Muslim president of PYD (largest  opposition party in Syria)
• Zubeyir Hayder  KNK.
• Representative of (Iraq-Kurdistan)
Where and when
At 18:00 hours on 04-10-2013 in Regional Councilor middle Netherlands  (Utrecht)
Archimedeslaan 6
3584 BA Utrecht- Netherland