Daily Yeniçag attacked the Turkish Journalists Association (TGC) for giving an award journalist Dogan Özgüden for his fiftieth year in the profession.
The newspaper described giving an award to Özgüden against whom there is a lawsuit for "denigrating the military" an "award scandal".
Targeting both TGC and Özgüden
The newspaper used the expressions "There are more than 50 lawsuits against him, he is running away from the law for 37 years" and "An Armenian defender" for Özgüden, who had to leave Turkey in 1971 and never returned again.
The reporter of the newspaper who published the interviews he had with TGC’s Secretary General Celal Toprak and representative of the administrative matters Cem Çapanoglu responded to Toprak’s statement that they stood by people who have freedom of press lawsuits against them with the statement that "but he is unable to come to Turkey".
The newspaper said in the "report" signed by Selda Öztürk Kay that the award led to comments that being against Turkey found support not only in the European Union (EU), but was also backed by the ‘distinguished’ institutions and organization in Turkey. Infoturk_231769165.jpg
Zarakolu: They have become inquisition judges
Journalist Ragip Zarakolu wrote an article condemning the attack by daily Yeniçag against the journalist and the TGC.
Titled "Enough!", the article criticizes the newspaper for choosing one of the distinguished journalists of Turkey for his attack, acting like an inquisition judge and having the nerve to try to put pressure on the Turkish Journalists Association.
Zarakolu also criticized the reporter for not getting her facts right. He said the warrant of apprehension regarding Özgüden was given since his statement about his article protesting the hanging of Deniz Gezmis and his friends, the left wing revolutionaries, could not be taken.
Although Zarakolu confirmed that there was such a decision, he also added that this decision has existed up until today as Turkey’s failure, as Turkey’s shame.
"It is crime to criticize the generals of the junta, the generals who committed crimes against humanity. This has become a crime in my country. You do not let anyone talk about 1915, 1938, 1971, 1980! No more! Everything will be talked In This Country!"
Following the five-year long prosecution against Mehmet Emin Sert, Emin Karaca and Özgüden about an article criticizing the hangings mentioned above, the 2nd Criminal Court of First Instance of Istanbul had sentenced Karaca, acquitted Sert, and issued a warrant of apprehension against Özgüden for not being able to take his statement. (EÖ/TB)