The Community of Kurdistan Societies (KCK) launches an “Analysis Report” and Press Release at the same time. In this dossier, the KCK declares a Military Halt and the International Community’s Responsibility in Turkey’s May 14 Elections.

With this declaration, the KCK does everything it can to give Non-Violent Politics a chance. Precisely at this tragic time, in the aftermath of the earthquake, the KCK declared an immediate halt to military actions on the Turkish-Syrian border area.

“Due to this disaster and suffering experienced by our people, we, the executive of the movement, wanted to evaluate the process and the latest developments and to achieve some results on this basis. Because we respect peoples and human life. That is why we do not want to inflict pain upon pain. We evaluated the situation humanely, conscientiously and morally. We call on all our forces engaged in military actions to stop military actions in Turkey, in metropolises and cities. Again, we decided not to take action unless the Turkish state comes against us and attacks us. Our decision will be valid until the pain of our people is relieved and their wounds are healed. Of course, the attitude of the Turkish state will also be decisive in our decision.”

Shortly after the KCK issued this call, the central headquarters of the People’s Defense Forces (HPG) declared their support for it, stating, “The guerrillas are ready to support the KCK in their efforts to stop the fighting and thus contribute to alleviating the suffering of the affected population.”

Unfortunately, the Turkish government shows no signs of reacting positively to the KCK’s peace offer. The day after the earthquake, the Turkish army bombed areas in North and East Syria that had been badly affected. During the month of February, according to the HPG, Turkish fighter jets carried out least 30 air strikes and helicopters carried out 18 attacks in the Medya Defense Zones. Reportedly, these bombings were primarily directed against guerrilla resistance positions. During the same period, shells from tanks, howitzers, and other heavy weapons were recorded 876 times. In addition, 142 impacts or uses of shells enriched with phosphorus, unconventional bombs, and other warfare agents were counted.

During the month of March, the Medya Defense Zones were bombed 72 times by warplanes and 1,357 times by combat helicopters, howitzers, mortars, tanks, and heavy weapons. Guerrilla resistance positions were bombed 53 times with cannons containing phosphorus, banned bombs, and chemical weapons.

Please find the complete declaration here beneath.

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