We, the representatives of dozens of Kurdish political parties, organizations, institutions, as well as hundreds of independent personalities from all professions (parliamentarians, writers, artists, academics and politicians) see ourselves as a voice for the national and united conscience of Kurdistan. We have met in the Netherlands to support Afrin’s resistance and express a common position. We hereby announce to the public the following appeal: Afrin Canton was attacked 51 days ago aggressively by the Turkish armed forces. This act of invasion is to occupy the territory of Kurdistan and the enslavement of the Kurdish people and other ethnicities of the region (Assyrians-Syriacs-Chaldeans, Armenians and others). The Turkish state does not hide its intentions which are eradicating the ​​existence of the Kurdish people. Turkey´s disproportionate and unprovoked military aggression against Afrin is clear evidence.


The Turkish state supported Baghdad government during its attack on Kurdish areas in Kirkuk, Khanaqin, Shingal and other regions after the 16 October 2017. Turkey played a leading role in supporting ISIS and other terrorist groups when they attacked Kurdish regions, especially during the battle of Kobani. The Turkish regime stands always behind these attacks on Kurdish people and it has increased its attacks during the past years and openly threatening the Kurdish people in Rojava (Western Kurdistan) and the newly established democratic administration of North Syria. In addition, Turkey has build up dozens of military bases and espionage centres in Southern Kurdistan (in Iraq) to continue its political and economic domination and to destroy the political gains of the Kurdish people. It bans the way to enforce agreements with the government of Baghdad with the aim of invading the territory of South Kurdistan.


Recently, the Turkish regime’s declaration of war on Afrin Canton, its occupation of many villages in collaboration with its proxies as Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups and the remnants of ISIS, and it’s indiscriminate bombardment of Afrin, have resulted in the injury and death of hundreds of civilians, mostly children, women, and the elderly.


Despite these barbaric attacks and the continuous bombardment by combat military aircrafts, heavy artillery and other sophisticated military technology, the People’s Protection Units (YPG), the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ), and the rest of the defence units in the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF, show a great resistance. These defence forces gets support and backing from the residents of Afrin Canton.


Kurds in Diaspora and friends of the Kurdish people work together to support and aid the Afrin resistance, but this is not enough. The struggle to defend Afrin must be intensified and a more coordinated joint action must be organized in a stronger way to push the people’s resistance to its highest degree possible.

The Turkish state has made all regions of Western Kurdistan, from Dêrikê to Afrin a target of its occupation. Therefore, all advocates of peace and legitimate self defence must move more forcefully against the Turkish aggression and all Kurds must support this heroic resistance taking place in Afrin. With unity and a national consensus between different Kurdish forces, victory will be closer than ever before. Thus Kurdish people will be able to return back to Afrin and in addition it will open new windows of opportunity for the Kurdistan national liberation movement. For this reason, all political forces, civil and democratic institutions, and all Kurdistani people must work on the basis of a united mutual Kurdish interest and build a united front to support the forces defending Afrin against Turkish barbaric invasion.


This united national stand can change the silence of the international community.

The emergency situation in Afrin requires all Kurdish forces to declare a united stand and reach a common agreement. Victory in Afrin is not only bans the way for freedom of the

Kurdish people, but it´s also a hope and a platform of freedom for other peoples of the region.


On this basis, this national meeting and the “Declaration of the National Support for the Resistance of Afrin” declares, with great importance and urgency, to the people of Kurdistan and the democratic world, the following appeal:

  1. Incompatibility between Kurdish forces weakens the trenches to defend the gains of the people of Kurdistan. A Kurdish union is the prerequisites of survival, otherwise we can face annihilation. It was therefore the Defence Platform for Afrin was established. Today, through this national meeting increases the dynamics and Kurdish forces get closer to each other than ever before.
  2. The voice and the activities of the Kurdish Diasporas are much needed in supporting Afrin. This national support and solidarity will merge with the Afrin resistance at home. The intensity of the struggle of Afrin must be raised, with louder voices and strengthened joint diplomatic work, in order to defend Afrin.
  3. In order to stop Turkish aggression we have to put pressure on the international community to implement the decision of the UN Security Council and to stop military operations on Syrian territory.
  4. The United Nations must inspect the implementation of the Security Council´s Resolution Nr. 2401 and genuinely by following up the issue of the cease-fire in Syria and the needs for practical application.
  5. The United States of America, NATO, the European Union, and the Global Alliance against ISIS, must address the issue of Afrin seriously and use their weight to stop the Turkish invasion and remove the Turkish army and their Jihadist extremist allies from Afrin as soon as possible.
  6. The Russian Federation must change its stand on Afrin. Russia must completely cover the skies over Syria and not exclude Kurdistan areas and to stop Turkish military airstrikes in Afrin.
  7. The Syrian State must act against the presence of the Turkish occupation forces in the Afrin region and come forward to defend its borders along with the QSD, YPG, YPJ and local defence forces. Syria is a member of the UN and must use all kinds of measures in order to stop Turkish invasion.
  8. The League of Arab States must denounce the Turkish occupation of Afrin and take practical measures to remove the Turkish military forces from Syrian territories.
  9. The Turkish aggressive invasion and military campaign against Kurdish people weakens the war on ISIS and on other terrorist groups and destabilizes peace and stability in the Middle East. Therefore the international community must declare a firm stance against current Turkish aggression and stop this barbaric invasion.
  10. The United Nations remained and the world powers were silent about the massacres that took place against the Kurdish people in northern Kurdistan. Many small towns and communities got destroyed bet Turkish Special Forces which in turn gave the Turkish state more confidence to begin its brutal attack on Afrin. The Turkish forces that destroyed Cizîra-Botan of Kurdistan in Turkey are the same forces which are destroying Afrin today and killing the civilians. Therefore, the United Nations must take a firm stand seriously, rather than watching helplessly or continuing with cosmetic remedies in order to prevent Afrin from becoming a second Cizîra-Botan.
  11. We call on all friends of Kurds and the democratic opinion of the world to put pressure on the Turkish state. “You have done a good job so far. We ask you kindly to continue with your support and to do it firmly and strongly. Afrin needs you today!”
  12. We ask Kurdish people everywhere and ask friends of Kurds to boycott Turkish products; and to stop commerce and business with Turkey and to boycott Turkish tourism.
  13. The Rally for the Support of Afrin Resistance will start on 12th of March and will announce general national actions. We call on all Kurdistanis to work round the clock.
  14. We the people of this national meeting cry again that “Afrin is Kurdistan. Defending Afrin is defending all Kurdistan and we shall never abandon Afrin!” We ask all Kurdish political parties, NGOs, democrats and all other anti-fascists to stand by the side of Afrin.


The National Support for the resistance of Afrin

11th March 2018