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 People’s Protective Units
 ISIS Imposes a Levy on Christians in Raqqa
 Clashes between Armed Opposition Groups and the Regime’s Forces in Aleppo Quarters
 Presidency of the Council of Bodiess in al-Jazeera Province
 Arrest of a Firat News Agency Reporter
 Educational and Cultural activities

Peoples Protection Units YPG
Tel Ma’rouf: According to local sources in the town of Tel Ma’rouf, the People’s Protective Units (YPG) have carried out an attack, which resulted in purging the town of mercenary groups and killing dozens of them.
According to the same sources, mercenary groups belong to ISIS, the al-Nusra Front and the Islamic Movement of the Free Men of the Levant fled Tel Ma’rouf following a special operation carried out by the People’s Protective Units, which are currently in full control of the town.
Sar,Kānīyyeh – According to a local source, groups of mercenaries attacked the village of Kharbt al-Bnat (20 km outside the city of Sar Kaniyyeh) in an attempt to advance to the city, using heavy artilleries. Clashes between the mercenaries and the People’s Protective Units erupted lasting 3 hours and resulting in the retreat of the mercenary groups.
ISIS Imposes a Levy on Christians in Raqq
The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has imposed a series of rulings on the Christian population of the city of Raqq. These rulings included: paying a levy and performing Christian religious ceremonies in ‘special places.’ Similar rulings were imposed on non-Muslims in the early days of Islam 14 centuries ago. According to those rulings, rich Christians are obliged to pay the equivalent of 13
grams of pure gold, a member of the middle-class must pay half of that amount, and finally the poor would pay a quarter.
In addition, the rulings also dictate that Christians must not make renovations to Churches, display crosses or other religious symbols outside churches, ring church bells or pray in public. ISIS has also threatened that those who do not comply with these provisions will be treated as enemy.
Clashes between Armed Opposition Groups and Regime Forces in Aleppo
Dozens of innocent civilians have been killed by heavy artillery shelling carried out by both the regime’s forces and armed opposition groups in different parts of Aleppo and its rural areas. Two children and dozens of civilians have lost their lives as a result of the regime’s bombardment of several parts of Aleppo city such as, Bustan al-Qasar, al-Ma’asaranyh, al-Sha’ar, al-Madynh al-Sna’ayh Road in Shykh Najar and other streets of the old city of Aleppo. The air strikes also targeted the central prison of Aleppo, besieged by armed opposition groups, causing material damages.
In several other areas in Aleppo controlled by the regime such as al-Sabeel, numbers of civilians have been killed and wounded and several properties have been damaged by homemade rockets fired by armed opposition groups.
Clashes broke out between the regime’s forces and armed opposition groups in several neighbourhoods in the old part of Aleppo, Sayf al-Douleh and al-Shaykh Najar, following an attempt by the regime’s forces to advance into those areas causing serious casualties among both sides.
In the northern region of Aleppo, the regime’s air strikes targeted the areas of Anadan, Hrytan and Byanoon injuring several civilians. Several reports have also confirmed that ISIS has completely withdrawn from the city of Izaz, Dyr Jamal, Myer, al-Zayarah, Kfeen, Marsta, and Meng Military Airport, which were previously under their control.
On the other hand, in the town of Tel Rafa’at north of Aleppo, number of civilians have been killed and injured after they were hit by homemade mortars fired by ISIS, causing major damages to people’s properties.
Presidency of the Council of Bodiess in al-Jazeera Province
Amuda – the Presidency of the Council of Bodies in al-Jazeera Province has completed its meeting with 5 new bodies in the centre of the Self-rule administration in Amuda city, delivering the organisational structure, the rules of procedure and action plans.
Mr Akram Hasso, head of the Provincial Self-rule administration, met with Muhammed Hassan Aboud, head of Communications and Transport body, providing him with the rules of procedure of the ministry.
Arrest of Firat News Agency Reporter
Bitlis – Turkish police have detained a Firat News Agency reporter, Hishaar Barzan Cherfajan Ihsanoglu, while he was on duty in the city of Bitlis in northern Kurdistan for his alleged activism during Nowruz celebrations in 2013. Later, the police took him to hospital to monitor his health.
Educational and Cultural Activities
Dirk –the Kurdish Language Foundation in the Gujarat region of al-Jazeera Province held a meeting in the People’s House, further stressing the need to intensify the institution’s activities.
Sar Kanyehh – the Sar Kanyehh branch of the Organisation of Students’ Affairs has organised a meeting for students at Razi High School aiming at forming a public councils to prepare for the Organisation’s general conference, which will be held in the near future in the city of Amuda.
Kobani – the annual meeting of the Revolutionary Youth Movement was held in Kobani to assess the activities undertaken by young people during the past year and to develop projects that are to be implemented during the current year.
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