Head Lines 

• People’s Protection Units 

• Open Letter to the Parties of the Political Union 

• A Delegation of the Geneva Convention heading to West Kurdistan 

• Condolence letters sent to the Family of Saleh Muslim , co-chair of the Democratic Union Party 

• Educational and Cultural Events. 



People’s Protection Units (P.P.U) : 

Afrin: Many mercenaries belonging to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant have been killed in clashes . A vehicle carrying a Dushka has been destroyed during clashes between P.P.U. and the Daish mercenaries near the village of Moarrin belonging to Azaz district. 

Afrin: The PPU clashed with Daish mercenaries as they tried to attack the village of Mareské from the district of Sheran. At the same time fierce clashes are still taking place close to the village of Moarrin. 

Azaz: PPU is engaged this afternoon in clashes at the outskirts of Moarrin , with especially strong fighting taking plave on the road to Kastel-Jendo from the district of Afrin. 

Girkê Legê: Troops of the ISIS set yesterday evening one petrol ablaze in the surroundings of the Kurdish village of Kurhok which lies south of the town of Jel-Agha,causing considerable air pollution in the area. 


Open Letter to all Parties of the Political Union : 

Sipan Hemo, the general commander of the PPU has sent an open letter to all parties belonging to the Political Union : El Parti, The Azadi party,and the Yekéti party. Hemo stated: Once again we are witnessing your negative stance in the Political Union and your actions which are undermining Kurdish unity and causing havoc among the different Kurdish segments. 

Hemo further went on : the harm resulting from your attitude surpasses by far the damage inflicted upon us by the enemy. You are stabbing us in the back by supporting our enemies, especially in the areas of Til Hasil and Til Eran, and in Amude, Qamislo and Efrin where you have become a Trojan horse for the enemy. 


A Delegation from the Geneva Convention visiting West Kurdistan : 

The information center issued a statement to the public opinion indicating it has received on 8 October 2013 a delegation from the Geneva Convention. The delegation is interested in the latest developments in Syria and specifically the attacks launched by mercenary troops against West Kurdistan. The delegation expressed its wish as a neutral and humanitarian organization that the concerned contenders engage in negotiation and that they commit to international humanitarian laws. It also made it clear that the PPU which acts in line with the humanitarian laws and principles. As stated in the declaration, the delegation arrived on 8 October 2013 to meet with the PPU. The delegation included Mohamed Balj, journalist and human rights activist and responsible for the Middle East branch, and Ann Kristin Soberg responsible of the Latin America branch. The delegation added: it entered the territory of West Kurdistan from South Kurdistan through the pass of Sémalka being welcomed by Redur Khelil,the spokeman of of PPU,Fidan Qameshlo and Nojin Derk. It visited the Academy of Martyr Shilan and which also was the location of the meeting. 


Condolence letters sent to the family of Saleh Muslim : 

Mr.Masud Barzani, president of KRG, Mr. Barham Saleh, deputy secretary of the PUK, other political parties of West Kurdistan, as well as from North Kurdistan, the Syriac Church of Derbasy, the Syriac party of Qameshlo, all sent condolence letters to the family of Saleh Muslim, co-chair of the Democratic Union Party on the occasion of the death of his son Shervan on the battlefield of Girê Spî (Til Ebyed). 

These telegraphs stressed that the shedding of Kurdish blood of Shervan and others will not be in vain and shared the deep grief of the family. 


Educational and Cultural Events : 

Qameshlo: a center for children was inaugurated in Qameshlo on the initiative of the Women Association and was attended by many children and their families. 

Afrin : The Health Assembly has held a meeting in the town of Afrin which was attended by tens of doctors, nurses and chemists. Health issues in relation war conditions were discussed, with the aim to find solutions and to make proposals on how to meet the current needs of the people. 

Derbasy: The Academy of Nury Dersemy graduated 18 students yesterday evening. 

Kobany : The food aid received from citizens of North Kurdistan and Turkey is being distributed now among people, prioritizing first those who have been displaced.

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