Selahattin Demirtaş:

I would first like to extend my warmest love and regards to all friends. Our unlawful arrest has merely added to the deep darkness our country is being dragged into every day. However, those who think that they can force us to surrender in this darkness should know very well that a single matchstick, a single candle is enough to illuminate this darkness. Whatever our place and conditions may be, we will continue, if necessary, to burn like a candle for our people to live in peace in a free future. Everyone should continue their work as part of the struggle for democracy, and must struggle without a pause to lift this darkness for our bright future. My spirits are high, my health is good. With my love.

Figen Yüksekdağ:

Despite everything, they can’t consume our hope, or break our resistance. Whether in prison or not, the HDP and us, we are still Turkey’s only option for to freedom and democracy. And that’s why they are so afraid of us. Do not, not a single one of you, allow yourself to be demoralized, do not drop your guard, do not weaken your resistance. Do not forget that this hatred and aggression is rooted in fear. Love and courage will definitely win. With my warmest love and regards.

İdris Baluken:

Our people should remain high in spirits, I salute our people who have refused to abandon their honour, and we will no doubt protect our honour as well. It is not us who should be here in prison, but those who devised this conspiracy and set-up against us. They even refuse to reveal our location in order to marginalize us. This is a policy of hostage-taking, of abduction. We know from history that such dictatorships, such approaches have always collapsed, they are doomed to oblivion. As we retain our stance, their fate will be the same. We will continue our struggle wherever we are. My regards to our people.

Ferhat Encü:

This is a struggle; thousands of prisoners have fallen in the name of this struggle. We do not hold ourselves any different than them. This is a violent wave of attack. It can only be repelled by resistance. And so we resist here, and we will continue to do so. No one should lose hope, only those who keep their hope alive are able to withstand this tyranny. Hope is also found in our unity, in our togetherness. The dignified resistance our people have sustained against fascism will emerge victorious. No one can say ‘I am free,’ in a country where our Co-Leaders have been taken hostage. I would like to extend my warmest love and regards to our people.

Gülser Yıldırım:

No matter what the AKP dictatorship does, it will neither be able to put us off our struggle nor the values we believe in. The dictatorship’s inhuman practices are further sign of how legitimate we are in our struggle against it. I want our people to know that our determination is stronger now. Greetings and warm regards.

Leyla Birlik:

This is a difficult period, it is a coup. We will resist here, in prison, and outside. And we will certainly prevail. Greetings.

Nursel Aydoğan:

Our arrests are part of the liquidation of the HDP. It should not be forgotten that the HDP is a party with a cause. Even if we are in prison, we will uphold our cause and our struggle. No one’s spirits should be dampened because of our arrests, no one should ever, ever lose hope. No matter what the AKP does, we will keep our spirits high. Our hopes will only be greater still.

Selma Irmak:

The AKP coup is now clearly visible for all to see. This coup aims to block the path of the democracy front. It is an even more sinister coup than the ’80 coup. This is the fear they possess of the wide, developing opposition. The resistance will continue, our people will resist outside, and we will resist here. Prisons have [always] been our second address. I send my special regards to my woman friends. Women will be the nightmare of the AKP. I call upon our people to claim their future. We call upon the people of Turkey and Kurdistan to resist. With my love and regards.

Our lawyers have not been able to meet with Abdullah Zeydan yet since he was taken to Edirne Prison late last night.