The participants were from different opposition groups of right, Left, moderates, greens, students,  and the powerful regional parties that have never before attended a political meeting collectively.  The main organizer of the event, Reza Hossein Borr, chaired the meeting.  About 350 people attended the meeting which was followed by revolutionary songs and music.  The antagonistic Iranian groups who were present began dancing in a circle hand in hand in a scene that has never been seen before.

Iranian society is politically divided but Reza Hossein Borr was able to bring different antagonistic groups and political figures together to express a show of unity in the support of democracy and human rights in Iran.  The delegates expressed their solidarity with the Iranian people and showed concern about the violations of human rights, arbitrary arrests, torture and killing of dozens of demonstrators in Iran.

The massive movement began in Iran after the elections were rigged by President Ahmadinejad and Ayatollah Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran.  More than one million people have joined demonstrations more than three times within the last 40 days.  The government began crushing the marches and demonstrations, yet, it seems that the dissent is widening and deepening all over the country.

Some of the speakers were: the representatives of Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, the Komeleh Party of Kurdistan, the Democratic Solidarity Party of Ahwas, Baluchistan People’s Front, the Green Movement, International Solidarity of Iranian students, and individuals like Dr Alireza  Noorizadeh, the Iranian well-known journalist and commentator; Dr Mehrdad Khonsari, political commentator and an adviser to his Highness, Reza Pahlavi; Dr Esmail Khoi, the well-known poet and writer  of more than 50 books; Dr Shadab Wajdi, poet and writer; Afshin Babazadeh, poet, writer and political activist; Nahid Hosseini, human rights activist; Giti Kaveh, National Resistance Movement of Iran; Dr Zardosht Stoodeh, an expert on Iran. 

This meeting is a landmark in the psychology of Iranian people that showed that different antagonistic groups are prepared to come together in one place and in one front if the right organizers invite them. What happened in Iran has changed the social psychology of the Iranian people and brought to the forefront of their consciousness this important fact that it is the division among the opposition that has prolonged the existence of the Islamic regime.  As the people proved and said in the streets, they will not recognize Ahmadinejad as their president and in spite of ruthless oppression of peaceful demonstrators; they are prepared to continue their struggle until democracy and freedom are established in Iran.

The participants reiterated that mass public movement in Iran and outside Iran showed that there was a huge fraud in the elections and therefore, this government does not have a legitimate mandate to govern and has no adequate credibility to be trusted.

This regime has been rejected by the Iranian people and international community and must be changed and give way to a new democratic, secular and plural system in which all Iranian people enjoy life free from fear of persecution.