Published by Bianet on 20 October 2015


Justice for Suruç Platform remarking that there still hasn’t been any progress in the third month of the Suruç massacre states that effective investigation could have prevented Ankara Massacre.

An explosion occurred on July 20 during the press statement of Socialists Youth before going Kobani, which left 33 dead and 76 injured in Turkey’s southeastern Suruç district of Şanlıurfa province.

Justice for Suruç Platform in press conference explained its report prepared related to the course of the investigation in the third month of the massacre to TMMOB (Union of Chambers of Turkish Architects and Engineers).

Course of the investigation

In the report it is stated that it was victims of the massacre who first responded to the scene of incident, the investigation file was seized by Şanlıuarfa Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office without awaiting lack of competence or HSYK (the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors) appointment,in the meantime crime scene investigation and autopsy procedures were waited.Objection against confidentiality order that is “examining file content of suspects and defenders or restricting the authorization to take samples from documents” was overruled.

There hasn’t been any progress in application of the platform to Constitutional Court on August 26.In the report it is stated that the only ongoing procedure in the file is resorting to testimony of victim’s relatives.Illegalities in the investigationIn the report, statements such as “In the investigation of Suruç Massacre, which must be handled within the scope of crimes against humanity, an effective and result-oriented investigation hasn’t been carried out. Judiciary mechanism let alone performing preventive measures, it doesn’t even practice any preventive measure in relation to surfaced ties and evidences, and procrastinates the case.”
* The procedure of listening to eyewitnesses and scouting with the participation of victim representatives to be orchestrated by prosecutor at the scene of incident wasn’t performed.
* The visuals which we know obtained from the scene of incident and confirmed directly by the Prosecution are at Şanlıurfa Provincial Security Directorate and the analysis of them haven’t been completed for three months.
*  It hasn’t yet been appealed to testimony of survivors of the massacre.

According to CMK (Code of Criminal Procedure) prosecutor is in charge of the investigation. In terms of organized crimes all investigations must be carried out directly by the prosecutor. It was observed by us that until now, all procedures were carried out by TEM (Anti-Terror Branch), and confirmed with the statement of investigation prosecutor on October 9, “The file is at TEM, nothing has reached me.”Prosecution mentioned that it intends to deepen the investigation but nothing has been done to support it so far, despite the ties of massacre perpetrator are solid, no protective measure has been implemented. (BZ/TK)

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