In support of Kurdish political prisoners refuse to local shopkeepers in Mahabad to open their shops.

The state security forces SSF – the mullahs suppressive regime and local staff in the Ministry of Intelligence and Security MOIS attacked shopkeepers and citizens on the streets to force them to open their shops.

Residents gathered outside the city’s court. The State Security personnel took the photos and films of demonstrators.

Kurdish political prisoners have gone on hunger strike nationwide over prison conditions in Kurdistan and Iran, said a statement marking the start of the protest on August 25.

According to the newspaper Agiri, organization CHAK, and representatives of Kurdish prisoners, "The hunger strike going on in the north-western city of Ormiye, north-western town of Mahabad, the western city of Senandaj, and in Tehran Evin prison.

We call upon "the world’s conscience" to act for political prisoners over the deteriorating conditions in prisons mullahs. Eight Kurdish journalists and political prisoners on death row, according to one of their statement.

The Kurdish prisoners requires "an immediate suspension of the operation punishment for political prisoners and an end to all forms of torture and degrading punishment."
The strikers also requires prisons across the country come under an international monitoring committee.

Muller ‘inhuman regime in Iran are political prisoners in Evin prison run by the Ministry of Intelligence and Security-MOIS. In addition, Gohardasht prison, 40 miles west of Tehran, is another plant with an unknown number of political prisoners ever live in difficult conditions.

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