Every year, normally in October, the European Commission (the “executive body” of EU) presents its reports on the “state of the art” of EU Enlargement vis-a-vis of the official candidate countries for EU Enlargement, including Turkey. The European Parliament is later adopting its official position on each “progress report”, this is what the Oomen-Rujiten AFET Report on Turkey is about.

(I also attach the full version of the European Commission’s Progress Report on Turkey, as reminder, and its official “key findings” file).

 On the parliamentary procedures:  AFET Report will be adopted most probably in January 2014 (the deadline for amendments is foreseen for next 8th of January, an AFET meeting is scheduled for the end of January), and then, after its adoption in AFET, it will be sent to the E.P. Plenary for final adoption in STRASBOURG (most probably in March // a new deadline for amendments will be “opened” also for Plenary’s works, date remains to be checked).

AFET Report

Progress report

Key findings