Four Kurdish organisations based in Brussels, Vienna, Stockholm and Cologne, started an EU-project in the framework of the Grundtvig “Life-Long-Learning”-Programme.
The aim of the project is embedding Kurdish cultural identity and to enhance the integration into the European society.
Around 2 million Kurds live in Europe where their mother tongue and their identity, threatened in most of their home countries, is in danger of being lost.
The organisations involved will develop a self-learning process between the first, second and third generations of Kurdish migrants. In this process each generation will be confronted with the views on society and societal experiences of the other generation.
The youngsters will register the stories, get more acquainted with the values of the first generation migrants who still stick to their old traditions and strong ties to their home countries. The aim is that the connection of the individual with his/her original culture and identity and as such the Kurdish heritage is not lost.
At the same time the young who have grown up in Europe will help their (grand)parents improving their social integration, mastering the language of their home country in particular, participating in civil and information society, in an effort also to close the intergenerational gap.
The project will last for two years.
For more information, please contact the participating organizations:
• Kurdish Institute of Brussels: [email protected]
• Institut für Kurdologie (Austria): [email protected]
• Internationaler Verein für Frieden und Gerechtigkeit – Pro Humanitate e.V. (Germany): [email protected]
• Kurdish Institute of Stockholm: [email protected]